Dandruff in the hair? 4 habits that could be the reason and what can you do

At the latest, when it trickles down quietly on the dark jacket, is Action is called for. What many do not know: Often, bad habits are responsible for dandruff. The are not only unattractive, but they can be a sign that the scalp is not in the best of shape. Also on the head, the skin constantly renews itself. The desquamated cells are usually not so small that you see them with the naked eye. Penetrates the new layer of skin but too quickly to the surface, "stauen" the old horn platelets, stick together and form visible dandruff. (Also read: 3 mistakes that you make when you wash your hair). The reason for this is mostly fixes one of the following four habits:

You take too much or too little Shampoo

Wrong hair the number one cause for dandruff is to wash probably. It is the fat removed reliably from the hair roots. This is but the natural nursing of the scalp since. This protective film is removed by daily hair wash, can dry out the scalp. The Result Is Dandruff. Therefore, it is better for the hair only every two to three days of the kidneys to shampoo. Between can flush help with clean water to remove light dirt from the hair.

In one case, however, it is actually better to wash often the hair. Dandruff can occur not only on dry, but also oily scalp. On certain kinds of yeast fungi can multiply too much. Rates dermatologist wash daily hair. In the case of dandruff is a mild product (for example, shampoo) or an Anti-dandruff Shampoo is generally recommended. (Fits to: How many minutes you should take a shower? Our expert has the exact answer)

Do not use hair conditioner

When Grooming the head skin is often still too short. The skin care should begin just below the hairline. A healthy head is the prerequisite for strong, shiny hair is skin. What nourishes the hair, it is usually also good for the skin. A hair conditioner is a moisturizer for the head and should, therefore, belong to the obligation program. Serums or treatments for the scalp can be dandruff and itching is also a good idea.

Do not use sun protection

Skin-to-skin care is also for the head is important, is forgotten, especially when protection from the sun mostly. Many people suffer in the summer holidays is particularly strong under the shed. This is not only the sea water. The sun is irritating to the sensitive scalp, in the worst case, it comes to sunburn. People with short hair can just RUB your normal sun cream on the scalp. In the case of longer hair with special sun recommended protection products for hair and scalp to prevent oily hair.

You don’t go to the doctor

Basically, scales are not a reason for false shame, and often harmless. You can, however, indicate health problems, for example, by fungi-caused inflammation. Dandruff should not be ignored. The scales stay stubbornly and also the above tips to eliminate, you should consult a doctor.

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