Online help for Depression – these four deals Warentest recommends

Mental health problems can be online to treat? Yes, says Stiftung Warentest after the Test, eight Online self-help available for Depression. Ill patients who want to take advantage of such an offer, but should not choose to good luck: Four of offers cut according to were test is “recommended”. Three other programs are “not recommendable”. The offer of the techniker Krankenkasse – TK-depression coach – could not be assessed. The testers were even on demand, no access.

The Winner Of The Test

Recommended “is deprexis 24”, “Moodgym”, as well as two offers from “Get.on” one for the acute treatment and for prevention. The concept of the four offers convinced. In addition, there are scientific studies that prove the effectiveness.

The Suppliers “Get.On” and “is deprexis” cooperate with various health insurance companies, which means that The funds will bear the cost for their members. “Is deprexis 24” works together with the health insurance funds, DAK, IKK southwest and Viactiv; “Get.On” with Audi BKK, Barmer and SVLFG.

An advantage of the “Moodgym” is the low-threshold access: users can sign up for free under a Pseudonym and no email to set address.

The offers in the Test are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, a recognised psycho-therapeutic method. The online programs offer several modules, the user in the rule – up to twice a week to edit. Problem-solving and relaxation techniques are also often part of the programs. Questionnaires regarding mood help you to understand emotions better and to record progress. Since each program will also bring a number of specific features, users should try if you are not satisfied another offer, advises Stiftung Warentest.

Help for Depression: For whom therapies are Online suitable?

Online help can particularly alleviate mild to moderate symptoms for severe Suffering, you are not thinking about it. Here is a professional site helps. The offers in the network can accompany traditional therapies, or the waiting time for a therapy bridge course, the diagnosis at the doctor’s they replace. Some Sufferers wish no therapy on the spot – here, too, Online can be offers an Alternative.

In the case of suicidal thoughts, it comes down to a quick personal assistance – for example, using the emergency telephone number 112, or by choice of the Telefonseelsorge (0800/111 0 111 or 0800/111 0 222).

On a regular therapy of course Ill have to wait, sometimes for months. Affected can also contact the appointment service of the länder, appointments for an initial consultation at the psychotherapist will be awarded. For more information on the website of the Federal Ministry of health.

The complete test results are available for a fee here.