Tennessee lawmakers mull passing strict abortion ban

Tennessee lawmakers said Monday they are considering whether to seek one of the nation’s strictest abortion bans even as such laws continue to be struck down in court. At issue is a proposal to prohibit abortion once a pregnancy is detected. While a similar bill stalled in the Republican-controlled Statehouse…

Utah won’t get enhanced funding for partial Medicaid boost

President Donald Trump’s administration has rejected Utah’s planned request for enhanced federal funding for partial expansion of its Medicaid program, state officials said Saturday. A statement released Saturday by Gov. Gary Herbert, Senate President Stuart Adams and House Speaker Brad Wilson, all Republicans, said the White House told Utah officials…

Broken heart syndrome possibly linked to cancer, study says

One in six people with broken heart syndrome had cancer, according to an international study across nine countries, including the U.S. The findings were published this week in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Broken heart syndrome, otherwise known as stress-induced cardiomyopathy or Takotsubo syndrome, is a real phenomenon….

Scientists feel chill of crackdown on fetal tissue research

To save babies from brain-damaging birth defects, University of Pittsburgh scientist Carolyn Coyne studies placentas from fetuses that otherwise would be discarded — and she’s worried this kind of research is headed for the chopping block. Interested in Abortion Rights? The Trump administration is cracking down on fetal tissue research…

Delaying vaccines for children is risky, doctors say

This is a Kaiser Health News story. When Elyse Imamura’s son was an infant, she and her husband, Robert, chose to spread out his vaccinations at a more gradual pace than the official schedule recommended. “I was thinking, ‘OK, we’re going to do this,’” says Imamura, 39, of Torrance, Calif….