The Em Cosmetics Daydream Cushion Was My Favorite Foundation Launch of 2020

When the pandemic first hit and lockdown orders were put in place, I was rarely ever bothering with foundation. In fact, my skin was freaking out due to all the stress and time spent indoors, so I wasn't even thinking about putting makeup on my face during that time. Then the fall rolled around and I found myself wishing I had a foundation in my life that offered a little coverage, a lot of glow, and some SPF protection. Come October, I found exactly that in the Em Cosmetics Daydream Cushion.

Basically, I immediately had to have it after reading Allure's full interview with Michelle Phan, in which she shared all of the details behind the brand's very first complexion launch. Dewy, lightweight, and spiked with SPF 50, it sounded like just what I was looking for — and luckily, I was right.

In a matter of two months, it's become one of my makeup bag staples — and that says a lot considering I'm still not wearing much at all on my face these days. Formula-wise, it contains nourishing ingredients like green tea extract for its calming properties, and niacinamide, which helps to smooth out texture and brighten up the skin. Sure enough, after a few weeks of wearing it, I noticed that my complexion looked subtly smoother and more even in tone, despite not using any new skin-care products.

I wear the shade Gentle Light, which is ideal for light to medium skin tones, but there are currently six colors in the range, including a good option for darker complexions. That being said, it'd be amazing to see the brand release even more shades down the line so that everyone can enjoy the magic that is this non-foundation foundation.

As far as application is concerned, I switch between using the flat puff it comes with and my Beautyblender, as they both get the job done quickly and seamlessly. The finish is natural and glowy, which is always what I'm going for when it comes to bases.

Take it from yours truly: If you're in the market for a new foundation that won't disappoint, definitely consider scooping this one up. You can shop it now for $48 on

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