Catherine Giudici Lowe on Importance of Instilling Values Early: 'I Want My Children to Be Kind'

Catherine Giudici Lowe is teaching her children the power of kindness.

The Bachelor alum, 34, and husband Sean Lowe are "instilling habits early," a priority as they assist those in need amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Giudici Lowe has teamed up with Ivory Soap to celebrate World Kindness Day on Friday by delivering care packages to the elderly.

She tells PEOPLE her goal is to encourage families nationwide to spread kindness and positivity by helping seniors, who have been facing isolation and loneliness during this challenging time.

"We all know that one of the biggest communities that is really hurting and feeling isolated is the elderly community. So the Ivory Acts of Kindness initiative is super intent on making them feel loved and seen, and bringing a smile to their faces," she says.

Her tight-knit clan — which includes daughter Mia Mejia, 10 months, plus sons Isaiah Hendrix, 2, and Samuel Thomas, 4 — are using World Kindness Day as an opportunity to give back to their community.

"We have been putting together these Ivory care packs with body wash, deodorant, cozy blankets, socks, puzzles and games, so they have their essentials but also some fun and cozy things for the season," says Giudici Lowe. "It's just been such a teachable, wonderful moment. [It's] a really good thing for me as a mom to see my child be passionate and grateful, and know that they can make a difference in somebody's life."

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Giudici Lowe hopes anyone with a desire to help others takes part in the movement. "It will be a really good day to be very intentional about being kind to other people and, through direct care packs, a really good opportunity to grab things from the grocery store and put them in a pack to give to the grandmas and grandpas that are feeling super isolated right now," she says.

"If you have neighbors that are grandmas and grandpas who haven't really left their house, [it's about] writing a note in the back and saying, 'Hey, we're thinking about you, we're here, please let us know,' giving them your number or email address," Giudici Lowe continues. "That could be a way to just connect with them and say, 'Okay, if you really need something specific, we'll happily go get it for you,' and creating a relationship between your children and these elderly people in your community."

"That could be a really good starting point for your child to understand that other people are needed and we're here to help them," the former reality star continues. "I think instilling habits early is so important. Our job as parents is to show that you should be grateful for what you have and help other people."

Giudici Lowe is reminded of the lessons her own mother "put into my heart" at a young age by having her volunteer at food banks with her sister.

"Samuel is now creating care packs for the elderly, and that will stay with him," she says. "You have to be on point teaching your children, but you also have to do it yourself because they're going to mirror you. Sean and I are constantly trying to check ourselves. We need a reminder that, 'This is my priority; I want my children to be kind, I want my children to be respectful,' and it really does start with the parents."

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The couple met, fell in love and got engaged on season 17 of The Bachelor in 2013. They tied the knot in a fairy-tale wedding that aired live on Jan. 26, 2014.

Despite the "craziness" of having three young children at home, Giudici Lowe says the pair "are thriving and loving every chapter." Raving about the addition of Mia, she says their daughter is "such a doll. Every time she is in a room, everybody's glowing; she is such a bright light. She rarely complains, she goes with the flow."

Meanwhile, Mia's two older brothers couldn't be more thrilled to have a new sibling. "The boys absolutely adore her. They are gentle with her. They want to include her on everything, and it's been a really cool dynamic to see these memories start with my children," Giudici Lowe says. "I wanted a big family so that my kids have best friends, and that's exactly what's starting. We can't ask for anything better."

The family is gearing up for the holiday season — which now also includes Mia's birthday, as the baby girl arrived on Dec. 23 of last year.

"I'm trying to get all the advice on how to make a girl's birthday special during the holidays," Giudici Lowe tells PEOPLE. "Because we're going to have our Christmas tree up and have all the movies and the songs and all the candles going and all the decorations, that one day — on the 23rd — we're going to take all the ornaments down from the tree and put [up] a ton of birthday stuff."

With such a busy household, Giudici Lowe can't praise her husband enough for being the "perfect partner," revealing that she and Sean, 36, split parenting duties.

"We're pretty much always together and I think because we've been doing this for so long, it's usually I cook and he cleans. And when we wake up the kids, we individually do diapers and the sleeping/putting-down situation," she explains. "We don't dread any of it. Some people don't get to do this, so if it's changing a poopy diaper, I will do it gladly. And Sean has never said 'no' to me once about doing any parenting thing or anything that helps the family."

"We're both in it equally. We're so good at knowing each other's strengths and things that we may need help on, but it's taken a lot of time to get in that groove," she adds.

With Mia reaching her first birthday, Giudici Lowe says they're "ending the thick of it and can actually breathe a little bit." Then, she admits, the pair will start exploring options for expanding the family even more.

"I've said this before: The factories are not closed yet. We don't know if biologically we're done yet, but we probably are," she confesses. "We're going to probably research adoption so we know exactly what we'll be getting into and what we're committing to, and praying about that and doing that process. But right now I think we're just loving the dynamics of the children together."

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As for the current season of The Bachelorette, Giudici Lowe says it's been "super exciting to watch as a viewer" and that she's been glued to the screen for Clare Crawley's — and now, Tayshia Adams' — journey.

"It's inspirational in multiple ways. I think it's awesome that Clare's not going to play the game; she goes for what she wants and she's not going to fake it," she says. "And having Tayshia there is really fun to watch. She's so genuine and authentic and happy, and every time I watch her, my husband is like, 'Why are you giddy? Why are you so happy?' Because she just makes me smile. It's been a really fun roller coaster of a season, and I'm just all in."

With the Lowes being one of the franchise's most successful couples, Giudici Lowe shares her own advice for Crawley, 39, and Dale Moss now that they've left the show to pursue a relationship off-camera. "In any relationship, as long as you respect your partner and you validate them and you're their biggest cheerleader, it's going to be great," she advises. "As long as you don't put the things that aren't important above the things that are, I think that they're going to do great. I'm very optimistic about the relationship and I'm excited to see them as a couple."

For those taking part in supporting World Kindness Day, Giudici Lowe suggests sharing your Ivory Gentle Care packs on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with #IvoryKindness and tagging @ivorysoap so she can see and "inspire my kids to do more throughout the year."

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