5 Common Dream Themes and What They Really Mean

Juggling and dropping a ball

An indication of taking on too many commitments in waking life. Dreaming of juggling but dropping a ball or object can be an indication of struggling to keep up or maintain momentum.


Lost your voice/can’t scream, talk or shout

Losing your voice or being unable to scream, talk or shout in a dream represents a feeling of not being heard in waking life or, conversely, a sign of needing to listen more as your voice is muted.


Hot air balloon

Dreaming of flying high up in a hot air balloon, looking down over the landscape, suggests a desire to rise above the mundane experiences of everyday life, to get away from the daily grind and detach from worldly responsibilities.


Flying bird

Dreaming of observing a flying bird can signify a longing to travel or to take flight and see new pastures. With birds’ ability to take off at whim and escape the boundaries and limitations of life at ground level, flying birds in dreams represent a sense of freedom, liberation and rising above it all.



Dreaming of being alone in the desert can signify a need or desire for solitude and connecting deeply beneath the seemingly isolated surface to explore your expansive inner world. An urgent call to get away and savour some much-needed me-time.


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