A diet icon being bullied – now: As a young woman, about 60 pounds from group company in a year

The spectacular transformation of Josephine

“The fat Josy” was called in the school – today she is a little Star. The then-16-year-old Josephine from Queensland was bullied in school because of their body weight over 120 kilograms. Then they took their fate into their own hands and a group company within a year, more than 60 pounds. With its history, the now 19-Year-old was a role model for others. Worldwide media reports about their success story and as a “Nolongerfatjosy” are you on Instagram around 140,000 subscribers tips and advice for losing weight.

The 19-Year-old Josephine Desgrand from Queensland, a life change, which has aroused world-wide interest managed. Through a dramatic weight loss, the teenager turned within a year of a bullied Overweight to diet icon. By a consistent life change, Josy lowered her weight from 122 to 60 kilograms.

Josy: “I was a huge Foodie”

In October 2016 weighed the 16-year-old Josephine Desgrand 122 kilograms. She was not interested in sports and wanted to avoid at all costs. For this, they had a penchant for eating. “My portions were huge and I ate so quickly”, she reported to the Australian news portal “news.com”. She was not interested in sports and wanted to avoid at all costs. In school they were called by all the “Fat Josy”.

Too tight Jeans, led to the conclusion

“I looked at my friends and was so jealous of what they wore and what they could do,” says Josy about your Situation then. You remember how you squeezed in a pair of Jeans that you wanted to have. When she saw a photo of her in Jeans, she decided, that it can’t go on like this.

The escape to the front of the

Josy decided to make a change. “I wanted it so much, said to me, but it was too hard and that I am happy to be overweight,” says Josy. Therefore, you wrestled with himself. But then she just stopped thinking about it and started reshaping your life. Instead of hiding, Josephine decided to escape to the front, documented her life on Instagram and enthusiasts under the name “nolongerfatjosie” (the fat Josy) over 139,000 subscribers.


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Will power is the best slimming concept

Josephine reveals how she managed to escape the drastic weight loss: “I have omitted the sugar completely and my carbohydrate intake is reduced.” As she was doing some Research on appropriate diets, she was shocked about the amount of sugar you took in every day. The young woman emphasized that she needed neither surgery, nor pills or expensive exercise equipment to lose weight. “I was just changing absolutely determined, and I know now without a doubt that nutrition is the most important factor in losing weight,” she reports in her diet Plan. To support the Slimming, she completed two to three times per week, a 20 minute Workout.

At first it was hard then it became a habit

In less than 12 months, Josephine is lost in this way over 60 pounds of body weight. “It was the best decision of my life. Initially, it was very difficult. The first two weeks were so hard, but sheer determination got me through. Then it became a habit,“ she recalls.

Josy is the sugar guilt

“I recently read an article in which it says, sugar is just as addictive as drugs. This is crazy, but I believe it completely. In fact, it was found in recent studies that sugar acts on the brain similar to a drug. For more information, please read “Why our brain is the mixture of fat and carbohydrates, simply can not resist” and “sugar addiction: causes, symptoms and treatment”. (vb)