A remedy against impotence also protects the heart

Protection against heart disease by Cialis?

Researchers found out now that a remedy against impotence, apparently, can also protect against the formation of a dangerous heart failure. Will there be a therapy, which is based on the use of such a drug based on?

In a recent study by the University of Manchester, it was found that a certain potency seems to protect against heart failure. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “Scientific Reports”.

Heart disease can have serious consequences or even lethal. Can protect a sexual enhancer us from certain diseases of the heart? (Image: hriana/fotolia.com)

Tadalafil protects sheep against heart failure

The British researchers were pleased with the results, after you have determined the effect of as Cialis sold drug Tadalafil in sheep. Tadalafil acts as Viagra, but is preferred by many men because of its longer-lasting effect. It is quite possible that some men being treated for impotence, already benefit from the protection of the Mediterranean. The sheep were manipulated in the study, so that you have a heart, developed failure. The animals were administered with the medium, they developed failure but no heart, and in animals with pre-existing disease, the symptoms improved. In the study, sheep were used because they have similar heart as people. There is also limited evidence from human studies and epidemiological studies, which show that Tadalafil may be effective in the treatment of heart failure, report researchers. The current study explains why the medication works so effectively, and shows that it can be used as a possible therapy.

What is congestive heart failure?

Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart is too weak to pump enough blood through the body. The disease can be consequences of a heart attack or due to a genetic anomaly, caused. People who suffer from heart failure, are quickly exhausted, and suffering from shortness of breath and swelling caused by fluid accumulation in the lungs. If the condition worsens, this can have life-threatening consequences. The 5-year survival rate for heart failure is lower than in most cancer diseases.

Thus was triggered the protective effect?

Cialis to be returned to the biological cause of respiratory distress in sheep with heart failure (to respond to the inability of the heart to epinephrine), is almost complete. In addition, the funds increased the ability of the heart to pump at a harder strain on the blood through the body. People should treat now, but because of the possible interactions with other medications or adverse consequences in other diseases not even, warn the researchers. (as)