According to the study: This is the most effective sports to lose weight

How do you quickly and efficiently? This is a question those wanting to lose weight, and scientists for many years.

Diet and nutritional consultants, the key to slimming success is a combination of a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and regular exercise.

What sports is best suitable to lose excess pounds, in the event of disagreement there is even among the experts.

A in the Journal of Applied Physiology published a study of the Duke Universityin North Carolina showed that Training is most effective helps in weight loss.

Endurance training or strength training will help better in losing weight?

The researchers had a total of 119 obese subjects for eight months under the instruction of various sports, to find out which training method is appropriate particularly well for losing weight. For this, they divided the participants randomly into three groups.

The first group completed three days a week of strength training (3 sets of the day, 8 to 12 repetitions per set), while the second performed an aerobic Training (approximately 12 miles per week) and the participants of the third group did a combination of the two sports.

The units were able to Swim between dynamic group training, Running and walking vary.

After eight months, participants were examined with regard to their body fat percentage. In addition, Body Mass was measured-Index and the weight of the subjects inspected.

The results should surprise strength athletes. Both the endurance group as well as the participants of the run raise a combination of aerobic exercise and athletes doing weight could more body fat and lose weight than the subjects in the strength training group.

The strength athletes, on the other hand, increased body mass and weight.

The largest Customers (based on the percentage of body fat and Body Mass Index) recorded in the endurance group.

Participants who performed regular aerobic exercise could also reduce your share of abdominal fat significantly.

In addition, the results showed that a high duration of the training is crucial to weight loss success.

While the participants from the control group spent 180 minutes a week in the gym, the endurance athletes, only by schnittich 133 minutes of Training per week.

However, the researchers emphasize that strength training increases the basal metabolic rate and, subsequently, more calories he was burnt down on may be. This value was not taken into account in the study.

“The common assumption that strength training fat alone because of the increased basal metabolic changes in the Body Mass Index and body proportion, should be reviewed,” said the study leader, and a sports scientist Cris A. Slentz.

Sports are not suitable for all people

In conclusion, the scientists stated, however, that a training method is not suitable for everyone and every age group. So strength training, for example, for older adults suffering from increasing muscle loss is recommend, rather than Cardio.

“However, our study was able to show that endurance training is the best Training, in order to reduce Körpefett and mass,” says Slentz.

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