Aids Revolution: drugs to prevent Transmission of HIV even with unprotected Sex

Drugs that suppress the Aids virus HIV, and can enable gay couples have unprotected sex without the risk of contagion. This shows a Europe-wide long-term study, the results of which were released on Friday.

Among approximately 1000 surveyed couples in which the man was HIV-positive and antiretroviral was treated, it came to no new infection during Sex with each other.

The study went on for eight years

The study was published in the medical journal "The Lancet" published. A life-long intake of drugs that keep the Virus in check, is currently the only way to treat HIV. Around the world, millions with HIV are not treated patients with this so-called anti-retro viral therapy (ART), which frees you completely of the Aids Virus.

The study of 1,000 gay couples over a period of eight years, took part almost. If you ever a Partner was not infected with the HI Virus, the other was infected and in the MANNER of treatment. Even though the pairs used during intercourse, no condoms, there was no contagion among them. A previous study had already shown that the drugs also prevent the case of heterosexual couples infections.

Treatment prevented 470 new Infections

The scientists assume that it would have been without the anti-retro viral treatment during this period, 470 new Infections among the couples. However, they also indicate that the results readily generalize: While the men who took part in the study were on average 38 years old, done most of the new infections with the HI Virus in people under 25.

"The results of our research provide compelling evidence that in gay men the risk of HIV Transmission under ART zero liegt", Alison Rodger from University College London, the study conducted said. The transfer support the Thesis that HIV-positive people, is no longer detectable in their blood, the Virus, it also. This knowledge could "help to end the HIV pandemic by the Transmission of HIV verhindert", Rodger said.

37 million people suffer from the HIV Virus

Despite significant medical advances, Aids, and the concomitant severe diseases are among the most serious health crises of the present. Nearly 37 million people worldwide are infected with the HI Virus, but only 59 percent of them received antiretroviral therapy. Every year, about one Million HIV patients die of diseases which are associated with the Virus.