Amber confronted Jessica during the 'Love Is Blind' reunion: 'You're so fake'

  • Spoilers ahead for the reunion episode of "Love Is Blind."
  • In the reunion episode, Amber called out Jessica for the way she acted around Barnett, even after knowing Barnett and Amber were together. Amber said she wished Jessica would've been upfront about her feelings, but since she wasn't, she came off as "fake."
  • Jessica apologized to Amber and Barnett, but Amber said she wasn't ready to forgive her. 
  • Relationship therapist Rachel Wright said she thought Amber's calm but assertive confrontation showed she's has been working on her communication skills.
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Fans of Netflix's hit relationship reality show "Love Is Blind" are well aware of the rift between participants Amber and Jessica, who were both interested in getting engaged to Barnett, and that rift played out even more during the show's reunion episode.

During the episode, Amber called out Jessica for her behavior on the show. At the time, Jessica was engaged to Mark, but continued to have feelings for Barnett, Amber's now-husband.

Throughout the show, Jessica kept approaching Barnett and asking him why he chose Amber as his fiance. When all of the engaged couples went to Mexico, Jessica asked Barnett to meet up with her alone, and she proceeded to tell him she didn't understand his and Amber's relationship.

At the reunion, Amber brought up these moments, which she only saw after filming, and said the way Jessica acted was inappropriate and felt like a betrayal.

"If you have feelings for my husband and are engaged to my friend [Mark], the least you could do is be honest about where you're at," Amber told Jessica at the reunion. 

According to New York City-based relationship therapist Rachel Wright, Amber took the right approach in confronting Jessica because she expressed her thoughts and emotions without becoming defensive.

Amber's confrontation with Jessica proved she's worked on her communication skills

During the show, Amber often spoke in extremes or talked about violence, saying things like she'd "cut" someone if she didn't get her way. So Wright was pleasantly surprised when Amber took a more low-key approach at the reunion.

"She was calm, collected, and expressed her thoughts," Wright said, adding that it made sense for her to let Jessica know she'd crossed a line.

Amber also mentioned how she approach Barnett, her husband, about his talks with Jessica, and he admitted he could've handled the situation better. After that, Amber told Barnett she trusted him, but couldn't say the same about Jessica.

"You're so fake," Amber told Jessica. "I hope seeing this you grow from it."

Jessica apologized to Amber and Barnett for the way she handled herself, but Amber said she wasn't ready to forgive Jessica.

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