Bettersize Announces the Release of Powder Characteristics Guidebook

As powder products become more complex, the need for detailed testing is becoming increasingly urgent. In May 2021, Bettersize raised the bar again with the release of a new guidebook on powder characteristics.

Image Credit: Bettersize Ltd.

Powder Characteristics guidebook features 9 packed chapters about basic powder characteristics including the angle of repose, angle of fall, angle of difference, angle of spatula, bulk density, tapped density, compressibility, and Hausner ratio.

It comes with a range of resources and solutions to the problems about powder characterization that can help scientists and researchers seize the opportunities in the research and development of Pharmaceuticals, Toners, Battery materials, Powder detergents, Metal powders, Building materials, Ceramics, Soils, Sediments, Oil, and the Petrochemical industry.

Find out all solutions to your problems with powder characterization in this guidebook.

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