Brazen rip-off: How the Scam works with the air recipes

The Prosecutor’s office that it is in the air recipes the most common method, with the pharmacists your cash improve. You earn for drugs are never gone over the counter.

How the “world” reported, got pharmacist as prescriptions issued by a physician, or forged it themselves. Then they submitted the Bills for the insurance and received the money for it – even though the patients had received the drug never.

The pharmacist is not that of success, after that it was an error in the System. The “world” according to the funds paid to the pharmacists the money only once – in the full confidence that everything is right. They would then be in the test active, if there were anonymous tips of fraud or gross discrepancies in the settlement amount.

The Most Common Scam

The auditor would then, for example, bills of delivery of the drugs to investigate. However, this does not protect the report of the “world” according to fraud. Pharmacists could be the drugs from the wholesalers, you then send it back but the delivery note keep.

Air recipes are not the only Scam in the industry, however, it appears the most common. Sometimes the pharmacist will receive the “world” according to the support of the patients themselves. The funds are with the lack of control in this System is extremely dissatisfied, according to the report. The real Problem, however, is that the scammers will find new loopholes, while the health insurance companies can’t control in the opaque System of cash against recipe effective.