Byredo and Ikea Just Dropped an Affordable Candle Collab

If the name Ben Gorham doesn't ring a bell, the name of his indelible chic fragrance brand, Byredo, surely does. And Ikea even more surely rings a bell — it's my home away from home for getting stuff for my home. And starting next month, Gorham, is about to make our homes even homier thanks to his new scented-candle collaboration with the iconic Swedish store.

Called Osynlig, the limited-edition collection features 13 scents "that are made to provoke a wide range of emotions — from nostalgia for things past to hopes and dreams for the future," a brand press release says. But more than that, Osynlig is Gorham's ways of proving that scents are a form of invisible design that can improve life at home. In fact, Osynlig is Swedish for invisible.

"Invisible design is that layer on top of functionality that completes the home, the intangible things like lighting, mood, and atmosphere that enable you to have a really emotive, interesting environment," says James Futcher, creative leader at Ikea for Osynlig. And for Gorham, scent is one of the most important and impactful examples of invisible design.

"Smell is a very relevant part of the home, and it creates a sense of comfort and security. We’re trying to develop a range of smells enforcing the idea that everyone has a different relationship to it, and nothing is right or wrong," Ben Gorham says.

The visual-design aspect of the Osynlig collection was treated with thoughtfulness, too. Each candle's canister is glazed with a blend of two colors intended to reflect the title notes and features a triangle-shaped marking that symbolizes top, middle, and base notes. They're perfect for displaying or using for small storage once the wax is gone. 

Ten of the 13 scents —  Tea Leaves & Verbena, Pomegranate & Amber, Basil & Mint, Fig & Cypress, Peach Blossom & Bamboo, Lilac & Amber, Rose & Raspberries, Cotton Flower & Apple Blossom, Sandalwood & Vanilla, and Tobacco & Honey — will be available at Ikea stores and online starting November 1 in a range of sizes running from $5 to $25. Come February 2021, the other three scents — Cassis & Freesia, Swedish Birch & Juniper, and Firewood & Spice — will join the collection.

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