Caffeine can boost our athletic performance, according to the study

By caffeine athletic performance increase?

Many do their morning Workout before work. The majority of the first Cup of coffee and then start your fitness program Not a bad Approach, because the evaluation of more than 300 studies have now shown that the consumption of caffeine improves athletic performance by two to 16 per cent.

300 studies with more than 4,800 Participants were evaluated

The researchers analyzed 300 studies with over 4,800 subjects and published their results in the British journal the British Journal Of Sports Medicine.
The results suggest that consumption of caffeine leads to the athletic performance improvement.

Performance is increased by up to 16 percent

Some of the subjects were able to increase their athletic performance by up to 16 percent. The average line improvement, however, was two to six percent. Nevertheless, the authors state that „even a small performance increase of two percent make the difference between winning or Losing a competition kann“.

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Caffeine increases endurance and strength

It is believed that caffeine improves both endurance, but also the direct power, because it binds to certain receptors in our brain. Receptors that normally, adenosine binds to and our body signals that we are tired, are blocked by caffeine. Thus, feelings of Exhaustion are reduced and the body is encouraged to greater effort.

How high is the caffeine must be dose

To achieve these results, you must consume an average Person weighing 75 kilograms of weight, approximately 210 to 420 milligrams of caffeine. The specified volume corresponds to approx. two cups of coffee, the drink in about 45 to 90 minutes prior to the start of the training. Persons who are not such a consumer accustomed to, should start with a lower dose to prevent any discomfort.

Further Advantages

The indicated caffeine consumption can increase, for example, the concentration. But be careful, the daily caffeine dose should be no Excess, because otherwise this can lead to physical complaints such as headaches or stomach complaints. (fm)