Cancer blogger tweeted their farewell – after a final trip, she falls asleep

Kathrin L. received, with 31 years, the diagnosis of breast cancer. The young woman fought bravely and with a lot of Humor against the enemy in one’s own body. Now, four years later, she has lost the battle. Thousands of Followers, friends and family accompanied them to the end and hoped for a miracle.

Four years the young wife of Greifswald has shown the cancer to the end. It was, as he to her in the Form of a tumor, the the name "Schakeline" gave, the breast occupied, or, as two years later it turned out that Schake line metastases had scattered in His body, you "Metahasen" called to "Metahasenbändigerin" appointed. Kathrin L. fought all these years with a lot of strength and Humor against cancer, held their thoughts and experiences on your Blog "Onkobitch" fixed and leads of the grant that you received from your ultimately, more than 10,000 followers.

In mid-November, her Doctors announced to her that the metastases would multiply too quickly and it could be any moment “so far”. 16. November Kathrin L. published a post titled “goodbye”. “It feels ambivalent,” she wrote, “when the body weakens, but the spirit and soul fit as a fiddle is around the corner and jump.” Up to your last day, you let your Followers take part in their lives.

26. November, after she had passed days earlier, of all, she rejoiced that she was stable again, and now, therefore, with the wishes of the car to the island of Usedom, the sea would be brought. “You must take advantage of,” said on Twitter. The following night the young woman died, as her longtime live-in partner on the evening of 27. November on your Blog informed.

Cancer doesn’t mean suffering, but life

“I look back on a wonderful, dedicated people,” begins his entry and continues “a love values such as understanding partner, and in the last few days, wife.” Because shortly before His death, her husband, and even rings have been exchanged.

Cancer does not have means for the young woman to suffer, but to live quite the contrary: as the disease have reminded you of your mortality. In his obituary of her husband, describes it as a Mutmacherin and also to the readers with his words of courage: no Matter how long we linger on this earth, each of us leaves behind traces.

The Kathrin L. has with security: More than 11,000 people have already responded on Thursday afternoon to the sad news, from all sides, there are condolences, obituaries, and immortality manifestations. So, a User writes: “It is a miracle how anyone manages to impress people in good times and in bad times as deep as you did it. It was just nice with you. You’ll be missed.“

Breast cancer chemotherapy, with 31 – and then, then metastases

2015 Kathrin L. received only 31 years of age, the diagnosis “breast cancer”. After mastectomy and chemotherapy, it looked all well and good for you. But in 2017, the blow came – the Tumor had scattered. She had metastases in the bones, and later in the liver. The last weeks were spent on the palliative care unit, after their return from the island of Usedom, it should go for you to the hospice.

Was able to track to His story since the first day on your Blog and Twitter. At the time, you don’t have the faintest idea of how it would end, but instead took the keys to process what had just happened. Let off steam you had to, because the diagnosis of the gynecologist was not very sensitive: “Because of what”, she said, “go away” – and then she was just gone from the room.

Words of farewell in November

Your Blog and Twitter entries, in turn, are shaped by hope and despair, but almost always paired with the fight announcements to the enemy in your own body. They often reported that it gets better, your values are stabilizing – to announce, shortly afterwards, a sudden shock. The past couple of months it seemed to go uphill, however, almost continuously: the chemotherapy to beat, your liver values had stabilized – until last week.

After she explained a day earlier, short and sweet on Twitter, that it at all well, was published on 16. November your farewell post. It explained that the metastasis is proceeding too quickly and your liver daily workings, and that this could be your last blog post. They thanked their followers for the many encouraging words and explained that there would be a Blog, a Twitter and Facebook account even after your death for a while. Her husband, stand her all the years with a strong shoulder to the side, you’ll maintain.

A few days later, a further contribution, “palliative care unit followed yet”. Breathe a sigh of relief among your followers: Kathrin L. still lived. But the death she was already very close. She explained that she had spent the last few days to say goodbye to all your loved ones. And that you can handle this “mess” any more. Your main dilemma was that she was constantly confronted with the suffering of the Other, even the feeling had to have to comfort her – “I’m the one who loses everything, and all the others, only me,” she writes.

Would like to leave the world with a happy Smile

Shortly thereafter, another blog entry, this time should really be your last followed. 23. November you wrote about the Go. “Everything is different, everything is confused”, she said of the contribution. She sums up, sums up what will you miss: your books, your loved ones, but also the Comics that has drawn so much and have also decorated your Blog. Nevertheless, she is determined to leave this world with a happy Smile.

A "life addicts Metahasenbändigerin" Kathrin L. described herself on her Twitter Account. And this is what she leaves behind for the people to look the Addiction to life, the pursuit of more, the courage not to give up and to the front. After it went her last week better, many hoped certainly for a miracle. Kathrin wrote in a blog post of hope, but may still have a few weeks to the world. Unfortunately, this desire has not been fulfilled.

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