Cancer warning: Study suggests the food group that could increase risk of the disease

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The research found carbohydrates could increase the risk of breast cancer by up to 20 percent.

French scientists found foods containing refined grains such as white rice, bread, and flour were found to increase the likelihood of cancer alongside other common carbohydrates such as potatoes.

Other foods which increased the risk included crackers, desserts, pastries, and cereals.

This wasn’t the end of the list of foods identified by the researchers.

They also discovered fruit juices, sugar-sweetened beverages, and unhealthy plant-based diets increased the risk of cancer too.

Speaking about the research Sanam Shah of Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health who published the study said: “These findings highlight that increasing the consumption of healthy plant foods and decreasing the consumption of less healthy plant foods and animal foods might help prevent all types of breast cancer.”

The study concluded cutting out some everyday carbohydrates could reduce the risk of breast cancer.

However, it is important not to eat a carbohydrate free diet.

Harvard University and most major health resources say they are essential for a healthy diet as they’re an important source of energy and provide the body with the glucose it needs to operate effectively.

While, based on this study, the removal of said foods could render a diet almost with carbohydrates, Shah says more research is required to assess the link between diet and cancer risk.

Furthermore, it is important to note this doesn’t mean something such as toast or a pain au raisin will give someone cancer.

It will be very easy for anyone of any gender to read those results and think their cereal is carcinogenic.

Overall, what is essential is eating a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables consumed in tandem with regular exercise.

Alongside positive lifestyle habits these can also reduce the risk of breast cancer in men and women.

Can men get breast cancer?

Yes, they can.

Although one of the rarest forms of cancer in the UK, men can still develop the disease.

Symptoms include:
• A lump in the breast
• The nipple turning inwards
• Fluid oozing from the nipple
• A sore or rash around the nipple that does not go away
• The nipple or surrounding skin becoming hard, red, or swollen
• Small bumps in the armpit.

Can any man get it?

The disease is most common in men over the age of 60, but it can still affect younger men too.

Even though it’s very rare and statistically unlikely, it is still good practice to get any lump or anomaly in the area checked.

Like all cancers, the earlier it is diagnosed the greater the chances of survival.

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