Corona-infection rate in the Thuringian circle sun mountain critical

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Corona-infection rate in the Thuringian circle sun mountain critical

The Corona Situation in the Thuringian circle sun mountain remains critical. On the day of the first end of the contact constraints in a state, the infection rate was there on Saturday, only just below the mark of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week. The number of known infections rose by 3 to 284, such as the district office informed. That’s why the circle is not implementing all of the new Thuringian Corona-regulation relaxations. By way of General decree is extended in a circle about the obligation to Wear mouth-nose protection and also applies to persons Employed in shops as well as service staff in restaurants.

As the first state, the free state has ended its contact with limitations due to the Corona pandemic on Saturday. So far, only people of a maximum of two were allowed in Thuringia hold meetings. Now only recommendations apply: You should meet with not more than one household, or ten other people. Brandenburg wants to process from Monday, similar.

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