Day of healthy nutrition – the liver Foundation calls for more awareness

On 7. March is the day of healthy nutrition, proclaimed by the Association for nutrition and dietetics e. V. (VFED). The German liver Foundation supports this day of action and calls for more education about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for health.

Nutrition and osteoporosis

22. Day of healthy diet, the 7. March 2019, “diet and osteoporosis – prevention and treatment”. The organizers show the numerous possibilities of osteoporosis with appropriate diet and sufficient exercise to prevent – and even to treat a pre-existing osteoporosis.

The German liver Foundation warns that liver disease is the cause of global cases, with the majority of deaths. Cancer of the liver as in the picture is now in Germany, in men with the most common form of cancer. This diseases can of the liver with a healthy diet like sufficient exercise to prevent. (Image: blue ring media/

It is also important for liver disease

According to Professor Dr. Michael P. Manns on the Board of the German liver Foundation nutrition and exercise are also associated with liver essential factors, in order to stay healthy and / or to be.

Early diagnosis influences the success of therapy

Man says: “By eating a balanced diet and adequate exercise, the health of the important Organs can be affected liver positive – preventive and therapeutic. As with any disease, the most important prerequisite for therapy success in the case of a liver disease, early and correct diagnosis, which can be enabled in many cases by the determination of liver blood values and the clarification of the cause of elevated liver values.“

One of the biggest health problems

The liver Foundation, liver diseases are one of the biggest health problems globally, and one of the most common causes of death. In Germany at least 5 million people were living with liver disease.

To what diseases is it?

Liver disease differ, as well as their causes. Thus fatty livers have resulted in Obese, alcoholics or diabetics to liver inflammation, and virus infections. Chronic inflammations of the liver developed liver fibrosis, which could, in turn, ends in liver cirrhosis and liver cell cancer. The latter is one of the most common forms of cancer in men.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver

The “non-alcoholic fatty liver” (NAFL) in children and adults show themselves only rarely in the symptoms, but it is a big risk for the health.

What are the goals of a liver therapy?

The most important target in liver was disease, and a progression of the disease to prevent by the therapy start early and to be Concerned, adapted to your life style.

Fatty liver is curable

Liver regeneration was not possible. A fatty liver can develop when the Affected changed their life style. Depending on the cause, this means eliminating the use of alcohol, change of diet, controlled weight loss, or more exercise.

Fatty liver prevention

Much better than to treat an existing fatty liver, is to leave in the first place. To achieve this, one could abstain from alcohol, consistently, the consumption of carbohydrates also reduce saturated fats and fructose, as well as to take a total of fewer calories.

Sufficient Movement

According to the liver Foundation, a lack of exercise promotes, as well liver disorders such as it is doing the wrong diet. It is equally important for a healthy liver, adequate exercise is also. Here is the self-image of the Germans would be in contrast to reality. As a result, 92% to move enough believed, according to the medical criteria of the liver health this could be the case, but only at 40%.

How much movement should there be?

The WHO referred to as sufficient exercise per week at least 150 minutes of moderate movement like Walking or Dancing or 75 minutes of intense exercise like Jogging or fast Cycling.

Mann’s calls for more health education

Mann explains: “in Germany, We need obviously more health education about controllable health risk factors, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. Only when people realize that they feed the ideal 365 days in the year, is healthy and sufficiently to move, we can prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Whether for liver disease, osteoporosis or any other disease of Civilization, the enlightenment of the people on the “day of healthy nutrition” is an important component of the commitment to public health. And perhaps the upcoming spring motivated some people to Start a healthier, more flowing one life.“

Who is the German liver Foundation?

The German liver Foundation is focused on the liver, liver diseases, and their therapies, with the goal to provide the patients better. It offers advice and Information for patients, their families and interested Physicians, such as pharmacists. Information can be found at: Utz Anhalt)