Digital healthcare’s personalized, data-driven future

In summer 2021, patient engagement technology company, Twistle, joined forces with healthcare data and analytics company, Health Catalyst. Matt Revis, Chief Operating Officer of Twistle by Health Catalyst, joins the podcast to touch on the opportunity for data-driven patient engagement to advance care and the relevance of telehealth post-pandemic. Revis will also discuss how patient engagement technology can help organizations achieve the promise of population health.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss how:

  • The opportunity to combine AI and data with digital endpoints for patient care is the future of healthcare.

  • The pandemic made telehealth a necessity, but this expanded access to digital healthcare also has long-term potential to improve the patient experience.

  • Clinical communication can deliver the right coaching, education, and support throughout the patient care journey, leading to improved patient satisfaction and care outcomes.

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