Fathers entire world collapsed when given a brain tumour diagnosis

Mabel, now five, was diagnosed with leukaemia when she was just a toddler, and she underwent gruelling treatment for years. As the family looked forward to the day when young Mabel would ring the bell, signifying the end of her treatment, her father, Richard, was given a terminal diagnosis. Richard’s wife, Holly, said: “Finding out Richard had an inoperable brain tumour while Mabel was still receiving cancer treatment was beyond comprehension.

“Our entire world turned upside down once again. For cancer to strike our family twice like this was devastating and frightening.”

Holly, 43, added: “It is shocking how starkly differently Mabel and Richard’s journeys have been – based on the type of cancer they have.”

While Mabel rang the bell in August 2022, Richard has a disease that could kill him within 18 months.

Holly said: “He was told to go away and live the best life he could with whatever time he had left.

“I cannot believe how ineffective brain tumour treatments are, or that they haven’t changed in over two decades.”

The father-of-two had an unexpected seizure in May 2022, followed by an MRI scan that revealed the tumour in his brain.

After exhausting chemotherapy and radiotherapy, talks turned to palliative care.

Yet, Richard wasn’t ready to give up so, after extensive research, he started cutting-edge immunotherapy treatment in Germany.

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Holly beamed: “Starting immunotherapy was an incredibly positive step for Richard.

“For the first time, he felt as though he was taking some control of his treatment.”

Richard’s tumour started to shrink, proving that the innovative treatment was working.

“Eight weeks later we got the most amazing news – the tumour was getting smaller,” Holly smiled.

“The immunotherapy treatment in Germany was working and we were blown away – this was beyond all expectations of his doctors at home.”

Holly added: “Sadly, brain tumours are so fundamentally under-funded and under-researched in this country.

“So Richard’s only option is to travel to Germany every month to access this treatment and it is extremely expensive.”

The family have now created a fundraising campaign called “Daddy’s Brain Bug” to fund the treatment.

Holly shared they “could not possibly afford this treatment ourselves”, as it costs £9,000 each month.

“We are relying on the generosity of others to afford this treatment and save my husband’s life,” she said.

“I have worked relentlessly to change the outcome for Richard. But it should not be this way.

“With more funding and research into brain tumours, promising treatments, such as immunotherapy, would be available in this country today.”

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