FOCUS Future Podcast: “Glancr” is an intelligent mirror to even recognize depression

Imagine, your level would give you To-Do lists, and appointments, remind you to take your medication, and even detect whether you are depressed. A company from Halle / Saale developed this intelligent mirror of the future.

The Tech-tinkerers, Tobias Grasse, Tobias Danker and Gordon Böhme construct the mirror of the future: “Glancr” is to build a Smart Mirror to itself and even has its own operating system. The special thing about it: It is Open Source – this means that it is available for free to anyone. And because there are, in addition to the three Hallensern countless other tech-savvy developer, a programmer community around the project, which is constantly adding new modules to the operating system.

Including the father of a family that uses the mirror to time to the bathroom of his daughters. For this, he has linked his “Glancr” with speakers that say to the young women, what time is your time and the Next the bathroom to use can expired. Exciting, is it?

“At a glance”

Is controlled by the Smart Mirror via Wi-Fi via Computer or cell phone. The user only need to set once, what is to him a daily basis. Among the Standard modules, which can be played from the mirror, in addition to the weather forecasts, current news and schedules, calendar or food and timetables of their own children. The name “Glancr” derives from the English “at a glance” – which translates as “at a glance”. And the without having to on a daily basis with the mirror.

“Glancr” analyzes the facial expressions

The idea of the developers is not long-only in the case of private persons. Meanwhile, the founder of the University of Leipzig and the Martin-Luther-University in Halle cooperate-Wittenberg, Germany, to develop the “Glancr” for your purposes. The mirror analyses the face, facial expressions and micro-gestures of the patient and can detect, for example, depression at an early stage. The FOCUS of a Future Podcast, the Halle tell how exactly it works, and what practical modules you have written for your own Smart Mirror.

Mirror, mirror, am I depressed?

FOCUS Online mirror, mirror, am I depressed?

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