Has the CRISPR revolution arrived yet?


Q: What is the state of CRISPR right now?

Q: We last spoke about CRISPR in 2018 . Has the amount of change in the last five years been what you expected? Has it been in the direction you expected?

Q: How far are we from having CRISPR-based drugs in the pharmacy or in a doctor’s toolkit?

Q: What do you foresee as the accessibility of these kinds of therapies? Are the prices extremely high? Will insurance cover them? Will there be economic or racial disparities in access?

Q: You mentioned that the focus has been in the hematological area. Are there other diseases that theoretically could be addressed in the same way but are further back in the pipeline?

Q: Five years ago, we talked about the possibility of making a genetic change to avoid a disease entirely when someone is still an embryo. Is that still a possibility?

Q: What about using gene editing on animals to prevent the spread of animal-borne diseases?

Q: You mentioned a few risks and ethical concerns. Would you talk about risks in general and where the balance is in terms of risk and benefit at this point?

Q: What are the other open questions being discussed in and around CRISPR?

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