HIMSSCast: Toward a more human-centered approach to hospital stays

Rebecca Pinn, director of innovation strategy at EPAM Continuum, specializes in creative thinking about experience design. She also recently had an extended hospital stay that gave her time to do some thinking about some ways patient-facing technologies could be tailored to enable a much more humane and comfortable experience for inpatients and the clinicians who care for them.

Pinn joined Healthcare IT News Executive Editor Mike Miliard to talk about how hospitals could do better using wearable devices and sensors, TV monitors, machine learning for clinical notes and more.

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Talking points:

How hospital stays can be challenging for patients, and the pain points that could be improved with relatively simple technology.

How overworked and understaffed nurses and physicians could also benefit.

Pinn’s own experience during a recent month-long stay, what she learned there.

The ways intrusive monitoring, interrupted sleep, confusing medical records could be approached differently with tech-enabled workflow changes.

Advice for getting clinical staff onboard with and comfortable with these non-clinical processes and tools.

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