Little brother ’embarrassed’ by older sibling’s wild outfit at bus stop

A 17-year-old Louisiana boy who wears outrageous, elaborate costumes to greet his younger brother at the bus stop each day has gone viral.

Noah Tingle, a senior at Central High School, has made a habit of “embarrassing” his little brother, 12-year-old Max, after school as the 7th-grader hops off the school bus in front of their family home in Central, La. 

Every day since Aug. 13, Noah, with the help of his family, has filmed himself greeting Max dressed as a football player, a gorilla, Santa Claus and even Chewbacca. 

Max’s reaction to his brother’s antics vary from delighted to downright embarrassed, and the two often chase each other around the front yard before eventually embracing.

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