Mass recalls, insolvency, negligent homicide: The full extent of the Wilke-drama

Since the sausage company Wilke had called back all of the products, the consumer is alerted conservationists and customers. Reason two, by a Listeria infection caused the deaths were. FOCUS Online explains how the scale of the sausage scandal is and what you need to know consumer.

The North Hessian sausage company Wilke made due to a Listeria scandal big headlines. On 2. October it became known that the manufacturer must adjust the production of its sausage products due to two deaths as a result of a Listeria infection.

The sausage company had launched the products back. On Friday the 4. October had filed Wilke insolvency. The Prosecutor’s office in Kassel are now investigating for negligent homicide against the managing Director, Klaus Rohloff. Politicians demand in the future, a stronger monitoring of food products.

Recall of products with the indicator “DE EV 203 of the EC”

The company Wilke Waldecker meat and sausage were announced last Wednesday, “all of the company’s products with all of the minimum durability and fuel consumption data” would be called back. The affected products are identifiable by the oval flag “DE EV 203 of the EC” clearly.

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Dead and Diseased in several States

Two elderly people from the South of Hesse had died, according to the report, to 99.6 per cent by Wilke-products caused by Listeria infection. In the meantime, have been reported by the Robert-Koch-Institut, 37 additional cases of the disease, due to the same Listeroise outbreak.

In lower Saxony, authorities found in three Patients a Keimtyp, the genetically is closely related to the Listeria related, were detected in the Goods of the company Wilke.

Two of them died – one of them died of a disease other than, in the case of the second Person could not be determined whether the listeriosis disease was the cause of death.

To what extent, may be contaminated with germs sausage of the Hessian company Wilke goods have been delivered to lower Saxony, is for the authorities so far unclear. Lower Saxony is affected the entire food chain of super markets, clinics, kiosks, and distributors, announced the Ministry of agriculture on Wednesday in Hanover.

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Almost every NRW citizens came in contact

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the state office for environment and nature protection (Lanuv), almost every citizen had access to probably germ ridden Were of the Hessian sausage manufacturer Wilke.

“Wilke was a great supplier and also produced primary products for own brands of other companies,” said Lanuv spokesman Wilhelm Deitermann of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. From the recall of the Wilke-Wurst in North Rhine-affected-Westphalia hundreds of companies.

“Nationwide is expected to almost every consumer in NRW access to the Goods of the company Wilke have had, “said deiter man in the newspaper. “Wilke has its customers, including wholesalers, nursing homes, hospitals and other establishments on its list of customers contacted and to recall all the sausage and meat were asked.

Now the district veterinary offices monitored as the competent authorities, whether really all the Wilke-Were walls, from the shelves to waste, said Deitermann. The authorities warned that such customer in writing, the affected Wilke-products.

Wilke products at Ikea and in the Cologne hospital

Also in the case of furniture giant Ikea sausage was cold cuts of Wilke in customer and staff restaurants spent. Not the rest of the meat was affected and cured meats range from the Restaurant, Sweden shop and the Bistro. Now there is a new supplier for cold cuts.

A Cologne hospital had also distributed Wilke-Wurst to his patients – a day after the recall.

“Due to the short-term nature and the time point Information in connection with our subsidiary UniReha an error within the food supply, so that some rehabilitation has been offered to patients however, sausage goods, the company Wilke,” it said in a written statement the University hospital of Cologne.

The Task Force on food security has established on behalf of the Hessian Ministry for the environment, climate protection, agriculture and consumer protection, in the meantime, a consumer hotline for the recall of the company Wilke. You can reach the Hotline at the following number:

0 61 51 / 12 60 82 (Mo.-Do.: 8-16.30 PM, Fri.: 8-15 PM)


Children in Hamburg Kita ate Wilke sausages

Also in Hamburg, the sausage were assigned to were. The management of the Elbkinder-Kita Kohl stations (Neustadt) to have communicated to the parents in a Letter that the nursery had purchased from a dealer in poultry-meat sausage. They had eaten the children.

Yet is unclear whether the sausage was contaminated with the life-threatening Listeria. Parents should be their children’s flu symptoms, as a precaution, a Listeria infection is a concern.

List of the Federal office with over 1000 products

At the Insistence of the consumer organization “foodwatch” had the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, a list with over 1000 affected Wilke-products released.

As the recall portal “” writes, this includes “not only meat and sausage products, but also vegan and vegetarian products, as well as, once again, as yet, unknown brands”.

The Federal office also published a list of the affected brands:

  • House at the Eichfeld
  • Metro Chief
  • Servisa
  • CASA
  • Pickosta
  • Food Culture/ Sander Gourmet
  • Rohloff Meat Manufactory
  • The point of intersection of
  • Korbach
  • ARO
  • Find
  • Domino
  • Wilke
  • Cock’s Vieeswaren
  • Arasco
  • Delikrydret
  • Patissa
  • May fresh
  • G & P
  • AFMO
  • BÄKO
  • Aleksa
  • La Roya
  • From The Farmer’s Land
  • La Persa

The recall portal “product“ added to that list the brands Lidega, enjoy foods and Fulya added.

Here, Wilke came to the sausage goods in circulation

However what is still missing is a list of all the belieferter farms. The products were finally brought to the sausage racks, in canteens and community facilities in the circulation.

So far the product is ““, according to the known only, that the Wilke-Were the following merchants in the assortment were:

  • Sausage Dealer Hans Kremers GmbH-Large
  • Metro, Germany
  • Grapo GmbH – Catering Supplies
  • SB Union wholesale market GmbH / Edeka food service
  • Domino Gastro e. G.
  • Igro-Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG
  • Service-Federal

According to the Website, it have also given gift baskets at Amazon, which had included the products of the company Wilke.

The consumer organization “foodwatch” calls list, therefore, a detailed customers. “food watch”, managing Director Martin Rücker said: “We want to know what the authorities over the sale and distribution of the recalled Wilke-products is known. From our point of view is open also, if Wilke has also delivered to the food industry for further processing.“

If additional relevant information is not made public, will food watch turn on a dish. Rüters, the corresponding request is already in the final vote.

You can see in the Video: “employees plunged into the Ruin”: Wilke-head of Department criticized authorities

FOCUS Online/Wochit you will See in the Video: “employees in the Ruin”: Wilke-head of Department criticized authorities

Not only Germany is affected

The Wilke-products were not only in Germany, in the sale. In total, 24 countries affected:

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • France
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • The Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • USA
  • Cyprus

Prosecutor’s office determined because of negligent killing

The Prosecutor’s office in Kassel has now initiated a criminal investigation because of the initial suspicion of causing death by negligence against the managing Director, Klaus Rohloff. By the holder of the scandal company, each track is missing so far, investigators had on Friday to be home in the North Hessian Twistetal searches.

FOCUS Online spoke with a longtime employee. How he stands to the Listeria scandal, and to the managing Director, Klaus Rohloff, read here.

Consumer organisation criticises authorities

According to the consumer organization “foodwatch” was the product recall to late. The authorities should have weeks before a Listeria-suspected had been aware.

“Until the decommissioning of the production and the worldwide recall of all Wilke-products for more than seven weeks passed since the Ministry of Listeria-suspected knew”, the consumer organisation Foodwatch.

The authorities of the competent district noted already the end of August, “significant hygienic shortcomings (in General, hygiene, Bauhygiene)”, as it says on the Website of the Hessian consumer protection Ministry.

Pollitiker call for enhanced food control

Politicians, too, demand a consequence of the scandal of germ-loaded sausage. Lower Saxony’s agricultural Minister Barbara Otte-Kinast (CDU) called for a single nationwide delivery lists.

The Minister suggested that the States of some together with the food industry on uniform guidelines for the creation of delivery lists, the Ministry announced. This would facilitate a recall on a large scale with many people Involved – as in the case of the company Wilke – administrative enormous.

Also Hesse’s environmental Minister Priska Hinz (Green) would like to strengthen the food control. There must be a more efficient structure, which will enable earlier Intervention, and the Ministry more room for maneuver leave, the Minister said on Wednesday in Wiesbaden. “We don’t need a better-established food monitoring, so that such a case occurs again.”

What is Listeria and how do you recognize an infection

Listeria are in the nature of a common bacteria. It is especially common in raw foods such as meat, fish, poultry, seafood and raw milk products.

In General, the germs are killed during the processing under heat. However, they are very resilient and can even multiply under vacuum packaging, and from three degrees Celsius to quickly – so in the fridge.

Very few people Listeria, a disease called listeriosis. In healthy adults, the infection disease is usually inconspicuous. Possible symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Pain in the limbs
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Especially dangerous is the infection with weakened immune systems people:

  • Newborn
  • Old People
  • Patients with chronic diseases,
  • Transplanted
  • Pregnant

In the case of you and the Unborn listeriosis can cause inflammation of the small intestine, skin, brain, or blood poisoning. Such serious forms of listeriosis can result in death.

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You can see in the Video: – disgust-images of the dramatic hygiene conditions in the meat show the operating Wilke

FOCUS Online/Wochit you will See in the Video: revolting pictures show the dramatic hygiene conditions in the meat plant, Wilke