Mum shares life-saving trick that every parent needs to know

Attention, parents: Do you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of every item in the world that could pose a choking risk for toddlers?

Probably not.

Handy, then, that paramedic and mum-of-two Nicki, from Melbourne, has shared a trick that lets you easily spot if an object could be dangerous for your child – and could save lives as a result.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Tiny Hearts Education, Nikki places her thumb and first finger together to form a circle, explaining that anything that can fit through that hole is a choking risk.

Some of the objects that drop through include cherries, popcorn, grapes, a coin, and toys. Yep, all of those could be dangerous for young children.

She wrote: ‘Say hello to my favourite parenting hack!

‘This is how I check to see if food or small items may potentially be a choking hazard for my bubs.

‘The circle is approx. the size of a child’s airway aged 0-3. If anything can fit in this hole, then it’s a choking hazard.’

Nikki went on to explain that you’ll find a lot of things fit through that hole, while others will be too large and some will fit the hole and block it.

If something goes through the hole, that doesn’t mean it absolutely cannot be in the home, but it should flag to parents that care needs to be taken.

For example, a food item that just about fits through the hole needs to be chopped into more easily swallowed pieces, and toys that are small enough to be choked on shouldn’t be left unattended.

‘This hack was created to help you find choking hazards and potentially save the life [of] your little one,’ Nikki wrote in the comments.

‘It is designed to show you how easily an object could get stuck in an airway and block it.

‘Take the grape, for example, if not in quarters the full grape could completely block the airway.

‘It helps create awareness of certain objects that match this hole’s size and may be a choking hazard. This is, of course, a general guide only.

‘It helps you to see that there are A LOT of things that can fit, which means there are a lot of potential hazards around. This will help you when making buying decisions for toys and even with preparing food for your bub.’

The trick has been praised by parents online, who have commented to thank Nikki for sharing the idea.

‘Thanks for sharing,’ wrote one mum. ‘I’m just about to sort the kids toys to remove any choking hazard with my littlest about to start crawling and reaching for toys. Such a clever way to pick out choking hazard toys!’

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