My day on a plate: Yolanda Powell

Director of Running Bare, Yolanda Powell, 40, shares her day on a plate.

Director of Running Bare, Yolanda Powell.

6.15am An espresso.

8.10am After Pilates I have a large skim cappuccino.

9.30am In the office I fill up my 2.2-litre water bottle for the day and eat a banana.

11am A skim cappuccino.

1pm Lunch of penne pasta with tomato and vodka sauce. 6pm A strong vodka with a splash of tonic and lime slice.

7pm I bake chicken tenderloins in Hungarian paprika, oregano, salt and pepper and accompany them with a salad dressed with olive oil, sherry vinegar and garlic, plus some boiled corn with butter and pepper.

8pm Another vodka tonic while I clean up the kitchen.

9pm A glass of chardonnay and half a Haigh's peppermint chocolate frog.

Dr Joanna McMillan says…

Top marks for … Dinner: it was your most balanced meal of the day providing protein, low-GI carbs (the corn), vegies and good fats (the olive oil).

If you keep eating like this you'll … Potentially find yourself feeling hungry throughout the day, as you have very little protein until dinner. Spreading protein out over the day helps with appetite control. You are also low in fibre with no wholegrains, legumes, nuts or seeds and not enough vegies or fruit. You also risk damaging your liver as you consume more than the recommended limit of two alcoholic drinks a day.

Why don't you try … Making a smoothie for breakfast, blending the banana with milk, yoghurt, berries, nuts and oats. Have a small portion of the pasta for lunch, but add chicken, tuna or cheese to boost protein, plus a side salad. Give your liver recovery time by ensuring you have two alcohol-free days a week, and measure your vodka to ensure you stick to standard drink sizes.

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