New infectious disease for people? Woman pulled 4 worms out of your eye

A 68-year-old American has fished a cattle parasites out of your eye. About this unusual case, the scientists report Richard S. Bradbury. He also points to a further Dimension: infectious diseases are emerging and spreading more and more.

Actually, the worm Thelazia gulosa is a parasite that affected so far only cattle. But now he has jumped, apparently on the people, such as “” citing a publication in the journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases” reported.

The worm attacked a 68-Year-old, the four specimens of transparent species in your eye had. The researchers Richard p. Bradbury of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suspect that they are infected, as she ran to fly in the winter vacation in California on a Trail by a swarm. The patient was lucky and got through to the worms, only a temporary conjunctivitis. As a physician, had removed to the fourth worm from your right eye, the sound of this.

Eye worms are found in various animals, including cats and dogs. Different flies transmit the parasites. Now the worm guy Thelazia gulosa has been proven for the second Time in humans. Reuters/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/dpa Unknown date, USA: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided the Microscope image shows the worm Thelazia gulosa.

New Infectious Disease?

What is noteworthy in the case, experts find that by 2018 has been documented, a similar, also with Thelazia gulosa. Doctors removed a 26-year-old American is equal to 13 worms out of your left eye, had you previously dragged out for yourself how scientists in the journal “the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene”, they wrote.

That the events happened in quick succession, the scientists, in turn, accept that it could be a newly emerging infectious disease. The parasite could, in the future, occur more frequently in humans. In their analysis, Bradbury and his colleagues come to the conclusion that the worms in humans, increased to normal. So you’ve found a new host.

This indicates that there is a new Dimension in which infectious diseases are emerging and multiplying goals in addition to their attack. Experts speak here of the “emerging infectious diseases”, and warn of increasing Numbers.

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