Normal People's Daisy Edgar-Jones Opens Up About Her Struggles with Hypochondria

"If I see a rash for example, I'm like, 'Okay. If I really need to overthink that and Google the heck out of that, then I'm controlling it in some way. If I find out that it's something really sinister, I've caught it before it could potentially become something worse,' " she explained, adding she "would kind of get a little bit obsessive over certain things" as a result.

However, Edgar-Jones isn't letting anxiety hold her back these days.

"I can laugh about it now, and I have found ways to deal with it, which is really good," she said. "More than anything, [it's] not letting myself Google stuff. … If I believe that it's irrational thought, then I'll panic myself. But if I make sure I realize it isn't, then it's fine."

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