Nutrition traffic light food comes

The Nutri-Score is a large majority of the Germans. This shows a recent consumer research commissioned by the Federal Ministry for food and agriculture. Minister Julia Klöckner wants to ensure that food from the supermarket will in the future be marked with this traffic light System.

The participants in the independent survey were able to choose from four models to food labelling. 57 percent of the respondents in the Nutri-Score. The test tasks also showed that the traffic light System was understood among the four investigated models, the best of all the participants. "The desire of consumers for more safety and Transparent during the purchase of food – showing results – is groß", as Klöckner.

With the Nutri-Score is a marking on the packaging, which is to understand the consumers by using the well-known colors of a traffic light quickly, how healthy a food is. The Nutri-Score to leave no conclusions on the composition of the nutritional values. Consumers expect according to the results, but, above all, a summary, which gives quick orientation. For more information, the nutrition table and ingredients list, you can still remove it. "For the German market, I will provide a very timely manner, the legal basis for the use of Nutri-Score and the colleagues of the Cabinet of Ministers for approval vorlegen", Klöckner says. The goal is, the traffic light System in the course of the coming year in Germany.

Many scientific studies have already proven that the Nutri-causes Score most likely that consumers shop for healthier food. Recently, a French study showed that the Nutri-can Score lower the calorie intake, and the risk for diet-related diseases. In France, Spain and Belgium already, many food products are marked in this way.


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