Perfect Training for the center of the body

How is Planking?

The Planking makes you look hard as a Board. Known the Planking was a few years ago, mainly as an Internet phenomenon. However, the movement in the social media, the visual absurdity of the Exercise, as athletic performance. There are countless photos of people, cars, stiff as a Board, inclined in purchasing, between tree branches or garden fences. The competition is to find unusual places for Planking and to shoot a fun photo.

Away from the display of the individual stiffness, you can use the Planking, but is actually very good, in order to improve his Fitness. You stiffen just a little bit longer – to go from silly “Board game” serious stabilization training.

And how to You position yourself as in the push-UPS, but this is based on the hands, but on the forearms. The body should form a straight line. The head is the extension of the spine. The view is directed downwards. In this Position remain, abdomen and buttocks tensing. Depending on your fitness level, 15 to 45 seconds and repeat.

How’s it going?

People posing for the photo, as a Board, this is about the spectacular image. Some was the downfall. They were caught planking at work and get suspended, or worse: in 2011, a 20-year-old Australian fell seven stories deep. He had tried to drunk to plank on the balcony.


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The fitness-oriented just is to make, it is important to form a hollow cross. The hips must not SAG. Therefore, special care should be taken that the belly is all the time tense. So if you get the force from the center of the body.

What’s the point?

A well-pronounced muscles catch hard knocks, offers the joints protection and reducing the stress on the joints by 50 percent, write Lutz Aderhold and Stefan Weigelt in their book, “Run!”.

Through the many Sitting at your Desk many people have a weak core muscles. But it is precisely these “Core muscles” are important to prevent back pain and injuries.

Just for runners, a strong core is of advantage: A strong core improves running technique. “Without a strong muscle corset of the body can not be straightened up. The Arm and the leg work is blocked by the forward inclination,” writes sports physician Matthias Marquardt in the “running Bible”. The correct hull attitude so Run the base for good. In addition, to strengthen the “sway bars” on the back and shoulder muscles.

What variations are there?

  • On one foot: The horizontal Standard on the ground is raised planks alternately a foot, so that you are only standing on one foot.
  • Side planks: the Side lying down, an elbow leaning and lift the pelvis up the torso forms a straight line.
  • Legs up: lift feet off the floor and higher than the Rest of the body, for example, feet on a chair, arms on the ground. It is even more strenuous.
  • For professionals: A possibility of elastic TRX bands are: The feet hanging in the rope loops in the air. Increased difficulty, because you have to keep in motion the balance.

Who makes it?

Even “Playboy”boss Hugh Hefner has been posing in the Plank Position for a photo. However, the challenge of the sport was limited. The 85-Year-old lay flat on a table, almost as if he was sleeping.

Since the core muscles for practically all the athletes are important, the athletes can pull of every discipline Benefit from it. Even for Non-athletes, regular stabilization training brings with it an improved posture.

Who can the longest?

On 1. February launched the “Plank Challenge”, a Facebook Event was set up by the sports scientist Daniel Malik: On the first day, the participants should keep the Exercise for 20 seconds, a month later, on day 30, at least 270 seconds. Sounds exhausting? According to the Guinness book of world records the Chinese Mao Weidong holds it the longest in the Planking position: 4:26 hours.


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