PSA: Reese's Is Making New Cups With a Peanut Butter Candy Shell and You Need to Try Them ASAP

Calling all Reese’s fans—do you prefer the peanut butter or the chocolate part of a Reese’s cup? Whether you’re more into the sweet chocolate or the salty touch of the peanut butter filling, you will definitely be pleased with the new Reese’s Lovers Cups. The limited-time treats are dedicated to “Chocolate Lovers” and “Peanut Butter Lovers” alike—each flavor focuses on one of those two particular aspects of the classic Reese’s Cup.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Lovers is filled with even more of that incomparable Reese’s peanut butter as it replaces the top layer of chocolate coating with a peanut butter candy shell. That said, the bottom of the Reese’s is still chocolate, so you don’t completely lose that taste.

On the other hand, Reese’s fans who favor the chocolate will love the Reese’s Chocolate Lovers cups. The cups contain a higher proportion of richer and darker milk chocolate and an even thicker chocolate shell, according to a press release.

Both cups will be available beginning mid-April for a limited time. You can buy them in regular size for a suggested retail price of $1.11 or in a king size for $1.66.

To celebrate the launch of the new cups, Reese’s is hosting a Swap Shop, where fans will decide if they’re a Peanut Butter or Chocolate lover and then have the opportunity to swap “something they love for an early taste” of the Reese’s cups. On Tuesday, March 26 and Wednesday, March 27, the Swap Shop will be open on Canal street in New York. Per the press release, “Reese’s fans can bring in anything they love from an old toaster to their original roller skates, or even their last participation trophy (hey, at least they tried).”

Regardless, it probably makes the most sense to just eat one of the Chocolate Lovers cups and one of the Peanut Butter Lovers cups together, right? …Right??

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