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After Corona-break: Legionella risk in water systems

The Robert Koch Institute warns of an increased risk for Legionella in Hotels, sports facilities, swimming pools, Parts of old homes or hospitals, which were blocked due to the Coronavirus, and now re-open. In the drinking water systems it could be a case of improper maintenance, an increased Legionella growth by the standstill.

Many people have been looking forward to it already: According to the Corona-forced break open the Hotels, and sports venues again. In the case of the use of the sanitary facilities, special caution is warranted.

Good propagation conditions by the forced break

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) warns in the “Epidemiological Bulletin 24/2020” after the week-long closure of Hotels, sports facilities and swimming pools in front of a potential Legionella risk. In the case of improper or lack of maintenance could be to come to the Corona-break increased growth of these bacteria in drinking water systems, writes the RKI.

What are the risks of Legionella?

Legionella bacteria can cause human diseases – from flu-like ailments to severe lung inflammation. The pathogens are often transmitted by atomized water, such as in showers, Whirlpools, air-humidifier or water taps. Operators should ensure, prior to a re-opening of their drinking water systems, therefore, trouble-free operation, advises the RKI.

Also, Doctors should make sure that in the case of respiratory problems is currently a Legionella infection can be present. There are Test options. Possible symptoms of a Legionella infection, for example, are:

Where spread Legionella?

Ideal growth conditions for Legionella bacteria at temperatures between 25 and 45 degrees Celsius. When water temperature is above 55 degrees, the growth of the germs, according to RKI inhibited information. In the case of more than 60 degrees, it come to the death of the germs.

At-risk groups should be especially careful

Particularly susceptible to Legionella, people with a weakened immune system and certain underlying medical conditions such as Diabetes as well as heart and lungs are suffering. Even smokers and older people are considered to be at risk. Men are affected two to three times as often as women. At about five to ten percent of those Affected, the disease is fatal. (vb; Source: dpa)

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