Rossmann calls back corn waffles

The drugstore chain Rossmann has called back corn waffles because of the potential for metal shards. The Federal office for food safety published on Friday a warning.

Thus, wafers of the brand, enjoyment Plus and corn salt brand Enerbio waffles with sea is salted Corn. In the case of self-checks you have found that in isolated packs of metal shards can be included in a message of the company from Thursday.

The company, headquartered in lower Saxony, Burgwedel, near Hannover, announced that it is to be refunded on the return of the purchase price and apologized to the customer. The shelf life for the enjoyment-Plus-waffles (EAN 4305615416403), according to the communication, the 1. October and the 22. Of November, and at the Enerbio-waffles (EAN 4305615186726) of the 29. October and 7. December. According to the office for food safety, all the länder are affected.