Scabies spreads in the North of Germany

The number of people infected with the skin disease, scabies, is increased in a Region of Germany is particularly strong: Schleswig-Holstein recorded in the 2019 about 13.400 cases, ten percent more than in the previous year. In 2017, the number was still at around 7,800, in 2016 only at 4,500. The findings of a current evaluation of the AOK North-West.

Long time no speech was free of scabies also known as scabies,. However, the contagious skin disease caused by itch mites, seems again to be on the rise, as the latest Figures from the health insurance Fund show.

Typical symptoms are severe itching and a scaly-crusty skin with small nodules. Due to the intense itching, the skin is dotted often with bloody scratch marks. The Transfer of a single mite is enough to cause scabies. Therefore, an infection with scabies can affect anyone and does not necessarily have anything to do with a lack of Hygiene.

Cuddling is Krätze taboo

Directly from person to person, scabies is only contagious when a close, large-area skin-to-skin contact over a period of at least five to ten minutes. Hand shaking, hugs, or an examination of the skin of patients with ordinary scabies are, therefore, without risk. But it is also an indirect Transmission via clothing, towels or bed linen is possible. So it may come also in kindergartens, community facilities or in nursing homes to contagion.

Scabies get rid of quickly again, is a treatment with ointments and also tablets is necessary. These are, above all, the mites together with larvae and eggs to kill. Hygiene measures such as frequent showers and daily Change of clothes, towels and bed linen make it difficult for the mites to reproduce more. Textiles can be washed at 60 degrees. This does not, in certain clothes then this may be for a minimum of two hours in a freezer at a minimum of Minus 25 degrees kept. Non-washable toys should be Packed two weeks in air-tight. In addition, upholstered furniture and mattresses should be extracted daily.


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