Stiftung Warentest advises to management instead of bottled water

In still water critical substances can often prove. This was the result of a current review of the Stiftung Warentest. In half of the 32 products examined, the testers encountered pathogens, traces of the agriculture and industry or other problematic substances, said in a recent report.

A Bio-water rated the Stiftung Warentest with “poor”. The product (“rheinberger Prussia source”) was charged to the auditors, according to with an exceptionally high number of germs. Including pathogens, the sick, people with a weak immune system – such as babies or cancer were can be dangerous.

In a further Bio-water (the”founders said”) met with the Tester to swab bacteria, which represent patients in the ICU is a risk. Since the germs for Healthy are safe, the water is still, the assessment of “sufficient”.

How the germs get into the water, is unclear, write the Tester. Non-carbonated water, however, is generally more vulnerable: “In bubbling Medium – and Classic-Water-carbon dioxide inhibits the growth of germs. In the quiet water of this protection is missing,” reads the report.

Mineral water – is only rarely better than drinking water

The title of mineral water may only water carry, from a deep, protected sources, and hardly to be treated. They differ from drinking water, mainly from groundwater, but also from rivers, lakes or reservoirs comes from water plants is processed. It then passes as a water to the consumer.

Test article for EUR 2.50 buy (incl. VAT)

Many consumers expect mineral water to a greater purity. In its audits, the Foundation discovered test, however, in four of Water, degradation products of pesticides, one contained residues of corrosion-protection agent. None of the substances was in the found quantities hazardous to health. The designation “natural mineral water”, however, is questionable, says the report.

Also, the Name of mineral water can be misleading, since there is no minimum required quantities of minerals. 13 of the 32 investigated still mineral waters included in the studies less minerals than the average of the for a further Test, tested tap water. The exception of the products from Contrex and Extaler were.

After all: Who wants to buy non-carbonated mineral water, can reach according to the Stiftung Warentest to the cheap bottles. The products with the four best assessment of cost all for only 13 cents per litre, they came from Edeka (“Good & Cheap”), Aldi Nord (“source Brunn natural”), Rewe (“silent”) and country of purchase (“K-Classic silent”).

Tap water: Cheap, unpacked, inspected strictly

In addition to the mineral water Foundation goods test examined tap water from 20 different locations in Germany, 126 impurities. In none of the samples, the reviewers found harmful amounts of a substance, all waters complied with the strict requirements of the drinking water regulation.

However, some of them containing traces of pesticides or their degradation products. In three Waters, the testers also found traces of drugs, which even in the case of life-long consumption a health risk. In three samples, minimum amounts of a cancer-causing chromium-settled connection. The resulting risk is applicable also as a very low, writes the Stiftung Warentest in its report.

The conclusion: “Our sample shows: tap and drink – that is not only affordable and ecological, but also safe,” said the Foundation goods test. Who else wants to know how the drinking water in its Region and whether it is suitable for the preparation of baby food, you can ask to supply in his Water.