Stock Up on These Tasty Easter Treats Before They're Gone

Easter represents a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But I think we can all agree that for those of us with a sweet tooth, Easter is the last major candy holiday of the year until we get to Halloween all the way in October. That’s why enterprising individuals like myself use it as an excuse to stock up on as much limited-edition candy as possible — so when June rolls around, you won’t be stuck eating plain old candy bars from the impulse-buy section.

Sadly, the Easter Bunny stopped visiting my house a long time ago, so these days, I need to prep a basket for myself. These candies — representing the best of all things chocolate, fruit and caramel — more than do the trick. If you’re entertaining family at Easter, extra candy can come in handy too; you won’t have to try to figure out how to bake the ultimate Easter cake or fuss with the oven when you could be enjoying an early spring day with your loved ones.

Almond Joy and Mounds snack-size Easter variety pack, $5.98 at Walmart

Cadbury Shimmer Easter mini-eggs, $3.59 at Target

Bunny Bark, $9.95 at Sugarfina

Dove Easter White Chocolate Carrot Cake, $3.50 at Target

Ghirardelli Easter milk chocolate and sea salt caramel bunnies, $3.99 at Target

Assorted chocolates spring gift box, $34.95 at Godiva

Hershey Easter egg hunt assortment, $14.98 at Walmart

Kinder Joy Easter Chocolates, $1.49 at Target

Kit Kat Miniatures Easter bunny box, $5 at Walmart

Bugs & Bees hazelnut cream Easter chocolates, $4.99 at Lindt

M&M’s Easter white chocolate and marshmallow candies, $3.19 at Target

Reese’s Easter peanut butter cream eggs, $7.88 at Walmart

Reese’s Pieces Easter carrot, $1 at Target

Starburst Easter jumbo jelly beans, $2.69 at Target

Fluffy bunnies, $8.50 at Sugarfina

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