The Best Halloween Desserts Trending on Pinterest Right Now

Why merely hand out Halloween candy when you can also whip up some tried-and-true Halloween desserts? And this year, the most popular desserts shared on Pinterest are not only irresistibly sweet and delicious, but they’re also equal parts spooky and adorable.

One quick search on Pinterest yields hundreds of Halloween desserts, but we found 12 that are absolutely worth your time. From dark-as-night chocolate cookies dotted with orange M&M’s and Halloween Oreos decorated with classic Halloween characters, like Frankenstein and Jack O’ Lanterns,  to Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Jack Skellington brownies and neon-hued Sally sugar cookies, you’re bound to find a Halloween dessert that speaks to not only you but also the kids. That’s right, plenty of the following recipes are so easy — and fun — to make, the kids will be practically begging to add the green and purple-hued icing on the monster mash bundt cake.

Ready to get baking? Click ahead to take a look at the best Halloween desserts food bloggers have to offer this year.

Monster eye balls

Kids will go ballistic for these spooky, monster eyeball-designed Rice Krispie balls.

Monster Mash Halloween Brownies

More eyeballs? Coming right up. Buy This Cook That‘s purple and lime green-hued, Reese’s brownies topped with Halloween sprinkles and dotted with eyeball candy is a real treat.

Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Nothing screams Halloween like dark-as-night cookies with bright-orange M&M’s.

Spooky S’mores Bars

They’re meant to be spooky, but let’s be honest here: Bake at 350’s s’mores bars layered with a thick graham cookie base, milk chocolate and ghost-shaped Peeps marshmallows are adorable.

Halloween Oreos

Here’s a Halloween dessert the kids will love decorating. The Baker Upstairs’ Halloween Oreos have four designs, a scaredy cat, a round mummy, Frankenstein and the friendliest Jack O’ Lanterns you’ve ever seen.

Halloween Monster Bundt Cake

A bundt cake? For Halloween? If it looks like Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons’ monster bundt cake haphazardly decorated with green and purple frosting and eyeball candy, the answer is a resounding, “Hell yeah!”

Jack Skellington Cheesecakes

Can’t properly celebrate Halloween without Jack Skellington, and these creamy mini cheesecakes heavy on the chocolate ganache are exactly what you’re Halloween party calls for this year.

‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally Cookies

My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings’ neon-hued Nightmare Before Christmas Sally sugar cookies perfectly complement the aforementioned Jack Skellington cupcakes.

Halloween Whoopie Pies

Moist Devil’s food cookies sandwiching orange-dyed vanilla cake icing: These Halloween whoopie pies are not only easy to make, but they also taste so great, they’ll be gone in a flash.

Milk Chocolate-Stuffed Jack O’ Lantern Cookies

How cute are these Jack O’ Lantern cookies? Half Baked Harvest’s recipe seamlessly takes you step-by-step on how to bake the perfect spiced brown sugar cookies.

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Peanut butter cookies are my personal dessert weakness, so you better believe I’ll be trying my hand at baking and designing these adorable peanut butter spider cookies for Halloween.

Brownie Dirt Pudding

What is brownie dirt pudding, you ask? Easy, it’s an irresistible layering of brownies, pudding and crushed chocolate cookies. And if you’ve never had it before, this is the year to whip ’em up, complete with gummy worms and a Halloween-appropriate “RIP” DIY gravestone.

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