The New LaCroix Flavor Has Some People Very Confused

It’s been awhile since LaCroix gave a new flavor to the world (not since Key Lime in 2017 has their standard line of seltzers gotten a flavor update), so when they teased a new flavor on their Twitter over the weekend featuring a mysterious pink can, the internet went wild trying to guess what it could be. Raspberry Lime? Watermelon? Sherbet? Salmon? The guesses came fast and furious, both genuine and facetious, but in the end it seems like everyone was surprised by the reveal.

That’s because the new flavor is Hibiscus. Or, as the brand calls it, HI-Biscus. The can design makes it look utterly refreshing, and we can’t wait to try it, but not everyone is convinced.

Hibiscus is a type of flower that’s used to make tea (the famous Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger), agua de Jamaica (a type of agua fresca made with dried hibiscus and sugar), can be candied and used as a garnish, and more. It has a tangy, cranberry-like flavor, a very subtle sweetness, and a bold purple-red color.

That being said, not everyone is familiar with the flower.

Not biscuit, hibiscus! Just as lime, lemon, and other citrusy sour flavors make seltzer taste extra-refreshing, the tangy essence of hibiscus is a great candidate for boosting the flavor of your favorite bubbly water. But truly, some people are upset at the choice.

A little RUDE but whatever! Those who are excited about the newest flavor, here just in time for summer, can expect to see it on store shelves across the Western US soon, though there’s no word on when it will arrive on the East coast. In the meantime, anyone who wants a quick hibiscus fix can whip up some agua de jamaica and add a splash of it to a cold glass of seltzer over ice for immediate refreshment.

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