The revenge of Sweet: Only 40 percent of Germans are of a normal weight

Who is actually fat? “Dick is a colloquial term that is not defined,” says Prof. Hans Hauner, Director of the Else Kröner-Fresenius-centre for nutritional medicine in Munich, Germany.

The so-called body Mass Index (BMI) is above 30, speaks the world of morbid obesity or obesity, between 25 and 29.5 is the area of Obesity is.

As an ideal, a value in Europe, has a value of between 18 and 24.9 and normal weight titled. But fewer and fewer people achieve this – Germany is too thick.

So overweight Germany

“Only 40 percent apply in this country as normal weight,” explains Hauner – a minority. And 20% are even classified as obese.

A worrying increase is observed in adolescents, young adults and women. Also, the extreme Form of obesity is increasing.

In the case of Obesity, the whole body suffers

The too Much body fat, has many negative effects: A kind of stress situation for the metabolism, easy to chronic inflammation,increased blood pressure and increased stress on the joints of the feet or knees are the consequences.

“There is almost no Organ in the body, which is not threatened by the obesity potentially,” says Hauner.

Obesity is morbid or innate? “If you have a tendency to be Overweight, there is a strong genetic Einflüss,” says Hauner.

“Genetic disease, with eating addiction, however, only a maximum of 5 percent of all obesity cases.”

Much more life style factors, behaviour, nutrition and movement.

The body is crying out for more

“On every corner today, there are three Food stalls with a wide variety of flavours – so the seduction on the way home, of course, is great”, emphasizes Hauner.

Insidious the body’s own reward system is Also or especially when you’re already sick of it, activates the subsequently filed Tiramisu feelings of pleasure.

“Food is always an emotional process, and food makes people happy,” says Hauner. These innate instincts to be used by industry and advertising sent.

The short-term pleasure long-term health concerns. More incentives to move, healthier Fast Food or smaller portion sizes are suggestions that, in the view of the experts is long overdue.

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Increasing Risk Of Diabetes

One of the most important complications of Diabetes is: “40 percent of the at least Overweight develop diabetes,” explains Prof. Jens Aberle, Chairman of the German Diabetes society.

An increasing BMI is associated with an increased risk of Diabetes, this was revealed in the latest Meta-analyses.

According to the experts, this connection has remained constant for years. “The longer one is obese, the sooner the risk of Diabetes is because it has longer time to cause damage in the body.”

More and more often a relatively high risk of diabetes shows up in younger age, i.e. under 40. The term “old age diabetes” is no longer true.

Obesity is a worldwide prosperity disease

The revenge of the sweet life? “Diabetes is a disease that affects only the industrialised countries, the disease is everywhere in the world is on the rise, where there is a richer food supply,” says Aberle.

Diabetes is usually unnoticed. Increased Sugar levels cause any symptoms – Affected to remember nothing, and therefore, can’t change your life style.

Aberle calls, therefore, for life-style, discussions around diet and exercise, for example.

“We Doctors in Germany, the Problem is that such advice will not be paid. Diabetes medications are,” says the expert.

Just in the beginning stage, however, much could be achieved with behavioral changes.

Being overweight will intensify in the future

The problems could intensify in the future. Figures of the German obesity society (DAG) show that there is likely to be in ten years, about 1.3 million children and young people with therapy requiring special Overweight.

Nutritionist Stefanie Gerlach of the DAG for this Generation is a serious Problem: “in the age of the child, the metabolism is influenced, the body is programmed incorrectly for the whole life.

The taste is learned in Childhood significantly, which increases in the case of a sugar-rich diet in the future, the Demand even sweeter.”

Obligation instead of a voluntary

Children today are already applied solid – either directly or indirectly through the parents to buy their children a sweet and energy-dense food.

Only voluntary Appeals for the labelling of such food are not enough, believes Gerlach. In your opinion, is a clear commitment to – and better incentives to recipe improvement.

“It makes more sense to make the food environment healthier, to tell the people all of the time: Eat healthy!”, she says.

It’s about making good decisions easier: This means less expensive offers in the canteen healthy meals, bans on advertising of unhealthy products, with children’s optics, and a targeted VAT reductions for fruit and vegetables.

Less popular options for a government – but effective in the fight against a thickness to the thickness of society.

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