The Secret Behind More-Than-Ever Gorgeous Looks Of Sandra Bullock

Ever since 54-year-old Sandra Bullock made a red carpet appearance at Bird Box’s premiere, everybody who saw her has been wondering about her phenomenally amazing looks. To quench that thirst of curiosity of the fans, we gathered all the tips and tricks that the stunning actress follows which makes her look no older than thirty. Dive in!

To start with, Bullock always keeps her fitness on priority and never misses a day of workout. What does her sweat session look like? As told by her, she likes to do weight training, kickboxing, pilates, running or even riding a bike to get her heart pumping. Being a fitness enthusiast, Sandra admits that she doesn’t mind working out every day but still takes a break once in a while (which is important, of course).

Like many other Hollywood stars, the Gravity actress works out with the celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue who is known for a workout style that includes yoga, pilates, and dance cardio focusing on a complete body toning.

Coming to the eating habits, Bullock shared that she sticks to a healthy diet which is all about consuming small portions of fresh food. To keep it in check, she takes the help of her nutritionist who told that along with many other celebs, Bullock also used to follow a diet known as The Zone that emphasizes on keeping the blood sugar in control.

Is there a cheat day? Of course, there is! Though she likes to follow a healthy eating habit, there is still a day off where Bullock allows herself to indulge in sweets. The Oscar winner told frankly that she keeps a list of delicacies to be savored on cheat days which keeps her going throughout the week. Maybe it’s called a ‘cheat day’ but in fact, it’s actually a good thing to have a day like that because it makes it easier to eat healthy during the rest of the days and even helps in shedding weight.

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