Try This Quick Full-Body Workout Next Time You Hit The Gym With Your BFF

The only thing better than a great solo workout sesh is breaking a sweat with a friend. A gym buddy can help keep you accountable—so that you actually show up when you’d rather play hooky—and can make pushing your body a little more fun. Plus, there are a number of challenging two-person exercises you just can’t do on your own.

Check out the video above to see health guru BFFs Gabby Bernstein and Robyn Youkilis demo a few fun partner exercises perfect for your next buddy workout. The total-body circuit—designed by ACE-certified personal trainer Zoe Schwartz—will challenge your core and work your legs and arms.

The best part: All you need is a resistance band and a weighted ball to do the moves.

💪🏼 Pro tip: After you’re done breaking a sweat, follow Gaby and Robyn’s lead and get some post-workout protein—12 grams, to be exact—with a container of TWO GOOD Blueberry Greek Lowfat Yogurt.

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