Tutorial from a Personal Trainer: So you train your thighs with the leg extension

Who wants to train his legs to fitness equipment, the leg extension. Properly executed, strengthens the front part of the guided Exercise, the Thigh.

As Einteiger you should pay attention from the beginning to a correct execution to prevent injury.

Who knows what it takes to stirrup, can be achieved through the Training maximum training success for his thigh muscles.

Fitness coach Curtis Josiah explains what to look for in your next Legday is – both in the setting of the device, as well as the execution of the Exercise.

Prevent injuries with proper device setting

With an incorrect Seating position and an incorrect knee position, the Exercise can go on the leg extension quickly to the rear and to experience more problems than success.

Therefore, it is important that the device is properly set on the body.

If you are sitting, rest the knee joint on the pad, it matches exactly with the swivel joint of the device.

The setting of the pad on the shins from falls individually different.

In the case of knee problems, Curtis points out, for example, that the cushion should something be set higher, so that it rests closer to the knee. Thus, the load on the knee is not so high.

Otherwise, the padding can also be set deeper, up to a maximum just before the ankle, in no case should rest on the instep.

Excessive knee loads to avoid

Especially controlled movements in the implementation are important in order to train the thigh is useful, and to protect the knee from Overload.

Above all, the Exercise should not be performed with momentum. When the weight is thrown with the legs and then caught again, the very to the detriment of the knee.

Instead, Curtis gives the following tips:

  • The whole range of Motion of the leg – the leg so the whole stretch.
  • Once at the top, the weight should be kept short and the tension in the muscle is felt.
  • The weight slowly, and pause before it goes back up.

If you are aware of this information, not only your joints, but you are going to receive with the time in addition to the defined thighs, a tighter Butt and also fewer Cellulite.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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