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Interference and stings from wasps to avoid

Wasps are a common summer Nuisance. As soon as we sat down to enjoy cozy under the open sky coffee and cake, or grilling outside, we can hear the typical buzz of the well-unbidden guests at this time of year. Following the peaceful conduct and defense tips to keep the wasps and protect yourself from bites.

At the end of July, the high phase of the wasp period begins. If a wasp is flying towards it, many people in a panic, waving wildly with the hands, or blow them away – according to experts, this behavior will make the insects really attack funny. As for the wasps are peaceful and are only looking for food.

It’s wasp time!

As the landesbund für vogelschutz in Bayern e. V. (LBV) to notify, provide mainly two types of wasps for the General panic over the insects: the German wasp and the common wasp. Especially in the late summer, these species are particularly Intrusive, as they are increasingly looking for food for themselves and their brood.

Preferences for sugar and meat

Similar to the human-snacking wasps like Sweet, but also meat, do not disdain. For the people you will be especially troublesome if you have to fly to food. But you know the behaviors of the unpopular guests, it’s actually quite good with them out.

Wasps are usually not aggressive

Outside of their nest area wasps usually are not aggressive, as long as you give them no reason to attack. Stitches to be done especially if the insect cornered, pushed, hit or blow.

Correct behaviour for wasps visit

The most important rule in a wasp’s visit is to maintain peace of mind. Rear tables and panicked movements can also put the insect in attack mood. The same applies to both cases. The breath contained carbon dioxide in the case of wasps as an alarm signal. Wild waving about with the poor, and the Absorption of the insects should also be, if you don’t want to risk a trick.

Defense trick: So you distribute a single wasp

Instead of Waving and Blowing wasps can be much better with atomized water to distribute. All you need is a clean spray bottle with tap water. A few sprays on an approaching wasp are usually enough to move you to repentance. Since the wasps interpret this as rain, not this defensive method of attack, and flying peacefully away. It is important that the spray bottle should be absolutely clean and free of detergent residue. This can harm the insects in earnest.

You can reduce wasp visits

It is best to ensure that wasps do not come to visit. So sweets, food and drinks should be always covered and remains of the meal, after the meal, immediately put away. Also garbage cans and compost piles close to cover. Wasps are also patterns of clothes with flowers and strongly scented perfume attracted. If fruit trees are in the vicinity, it is useful in the case of fruit clear away, not a vest to attract.

Caution is advised in the vicinity of the Nest

If you happen to be in close proximity to a wasps ‘ nest, you should be especially careful. Here are the insects behave much more aggressively. In the surroundings you should avoid it, to stand in the main direction of flight. Strong vibration may put the animals into attack mood. Especially the poke Around in the Nest should be avoided. Wasp nests are protected and may only be used with the permission removed. (vb)

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