What cold feet could say about your health – from poor circulation to anaemia

Do your feet often feel ice cold? While they may be affected by the winter chill, it could also be a sign you’re battling health problems.

Harvard Health explains that cold feet can be “a normal response of the body” for some.

The website adds: “Some researchers believe that having cold feet is an inherited trait.”

Despite this, there are times when chilly toes can point to health concerns.

Harvard Health adds: “Two of the most common causes of cold feet are decreased circulation in the extremities or a problem with nerve sensation.”

Dina Gohil, founder of DG Podiatrist, in London, also highlighted how cold feet can suggest health problems.

She said they are sometimes indicators of poor circulation, anaemia, diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Dina told FEMAIL: “Cold feet are usually a result of poor circulation in the body meaning warm blood may not be getting to your feet on a regular basis.

“Therefore your feet will inevitably feel colder than the rest of the body.

“However there are other reasons for cold feet, which can include; anaemia, diabetes, Raynaud’s phenomenon, hypothyroidism and other less common causes.”

If you’re concerned about cold feet and how it could be impacting your health, see your doctor for advice.

Dina Gohil also recommends the following methods for keeping your toes feel toasty…

  • Massage the feet to improve circulation
  • Wear warmer socks like merino wool instead of cotton
  • Wear footwear that retains heat
  • Try a thermal foot bed
  • Try toe warmers
  • Wear waterpoof footwear when it’s raining
  • Cut back on caffeine as “this causes your blood vessels to constrict, which may limit blood flow to extremities”.

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