With a potentially useless study Spahn pulverized an old cost record

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), proposed by the Cabinet of Ministers approved the study of the psychological consequences of abortion breaks according to the report, all cost records of the Department. The Expertise is, with a budget of five million euros, the most expensive research project commissioned by the Ministry for the last ten years. There is massive doubt as to whether the study is necessary at all.

The Hamburg-based news magazine “der Spiegel” reported on Friday. The Figures can be seen in the form of a statement to the budget Committee of the Bundestag, which is the magazine.

The Ministry of health had, therefore, since 2009, 121 studies, they usually cost between 50,000 and 400,000 euros. Only two large studies on germs in the drinking water, the expenditure amounted to slightly more than one Million euros.

“The case for the Federal court of auditors”

The possible realisation value of the expensive study is controversial. Critics point to several already existing studies on the subject. The financial policy spokeswoman for the Left party in the Bundestag, Gesine Lötzsch, called the study a “case for the Federal court of auditors”. Apparently Spahn wants to win “fundamentalist opponents of abortion” as a new CDU-voters, she said the “mirror”.

“The study is completely unnecessary,” said the women’s Affairs spokesperson of the Greens, Ulle Schauws. “There is no knowledge deficit and in science, the existence of Post-Abortion is not a recognized syndrome.” The Federal centre for health education would point to an informational page expressly.

The Ministry defended the project

A spokesman for the Ministry dismissed the criticism: It was a “very complex research projects”, the “highest methodological claims” must meet, he said the “mirror”. On the study of Union and SPD had agreed in the Wake of the compromise on the Reform of section 219a of the so-called advertising for abortions under the penalty. In the SPD, there was also criticism of the study, but in the end, the social Democrats agreed.

Under the new law, Doctors and hospitals must be informed about the fact that they perform abortions. On special web pages may be informed also on the applied method.