You are sensitive to cold or nervous? This could be due to an iron deficiency – Video

Iron deficiency is referred to as the most common nutritional deficit worldwide. However, the symptoms are often inconspicuous and are not associated with the defect. FOCUS Online gives you four signs and what you can do about it.

Iron is an important trace element for the formation of blood and the supply our body with oxygen and nutrients.
Men should take according to the German nutrition society 10 milligrams, women 15 milligrams per day.

Women in particular are often supplied with iron. FOCUS Online shows you four signs that may indicate a deficiency:

1. Headache

You constantly have headaches for no apparent reason? This could be due to an iron deficiency. You try your change in diet and increasingly eat iron-containing foods such as Wild or broccoli.

2. Nervousness, and concentration difficulties

Our body is supplied with iron, can form in the body of Oxygen. It Affected is difficult to focus and you seem nervous.

3. Dull hair and brittle nails

You have the feeling that your hair is dull and thin? Your nails are cracked and break off at the little things? These symptoms can already occur at a low iron deficiency. The good news is that Once you are feeding your body enough iron to grow hair and finger nails to be fixed.

4. Sensitivity to cold

In warmer temperatures you cold? This can also be due to a deficit of iron in the body caused. If the iron is in the body, is also formed, less blood, and we freeze. An iron-rich diet is particularly important during the winter months. Particularly vulnerable to iron deficiency, vegetarians and pregnant women. But not only in meat, a lot of iron. The grain of millet or spinach can be used in a low in meat or meat-free diet as a good balance.

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