Ashley Graham & Zoe Saldaña Describe Their Sons as 'Absolute Chaos' & All Boy Moms Can Relate

There’s nothing better than connecting with another mom. Zoe Saldaña and Ashley Graham caught up at the 95th annual Academy Awards last night, and bonded over their unique family situation: they are both moms of three boys (including one set of twins each)!

“It’s absolutely chaos but so much fun in my house,” Graham told Saldaña at the event, per PEOPLE. She is mom to Isaac, 3, and 1-year-old twins Malachi and Roman, with husband Justin Ervin.

“What is it like in your house?” she asked the Avatar: The Way of Water actress. “Absolute chaos and so much fun,” Saldaña responded. She is mom to 8-year-old twins Cy and Bowie, and 6-year-old Zen, with husband Marco Perego Saldaña.

As a fellow mom of three boys, I can confirm that “absolute chaos” is the best way to describe home life. Meeting a fellow mom who has a similar experience is so refreshing — it’s a way to realize you aren’t alone in this wild journey of parenthood.

The From Scratch actress also talked about the one thing she wishes she was “more prepared” about before she became a mom. “I have to tell you…the one thing I wish I would have been more prepared with is just the lack of sleep,” she told the model. “You worry all the time, you have to keep them alive. You really have to guide their curiosity, but you can’t get in their way.” It’s such a challenging balance to strike!

Saldaña added, “They came through you but they don’t belong to you. They belong to themselves. It’s literally the most challenging role I continuously play. I hope they’re okay with it.”

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Her sons seem to enjoy their mom. Back in Jan. 2023, Saldaña shared a rare video of her and her boys acting out a Zoolander scene. “POV: reminding my teens they’re actually still 6 and 8 😂🧒🏽🧒🏽🧒🏻🫠 #ZoePOV #momlife,” she captioned the hilarious video.

In May 2022, Graham told Vogue that life with her boys was “chaos.” “The twins are about to be four months, and we’re in organized chaos,” Graham said at the time. “It’s been diapers, pumping, trying to set a schedule, and then having a toddler on top of that is a lot, but I’m feeling really good about my family.”

Maybe all the chaos from handling three little boys helped prepare Graham for another Oscars moment: interviewing Hugh Grant. In a now-viral awkward interview, the British actor fielded Graham’s questions during ABC’s Countdown to the Oscars pre-show in the most succinct, borderline rude way possible.

For example, when she asked him who he was most excited to see, Grant responded, “No one in particular.” And when Graham asked “What are you wearing?” Grant answered, “Just my suit.” It gave a very, “How was school?” “Fine” vibe, and Graham handled it with grace.

What do you expect? She’s a strong boy mom, after all!

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