Cardi B Says Juggling Her Kids & Career Is ‘A Lot,’ Calls Offset ‘Hands-On’ Dad

Taking care of your kids, having a successful career, and finding time to yourself is hard. Just ask Cardi B, who appeared on Good Morning America Friday and admitted that juggling her kids and career is “a lot.”

“It’s a lot,” the mom of two said. “I just have to divide my time with both, because my daughter, she gets a little bit territorial sometimes.”

She added, “It’s a lot, but I love it. It’s a lot of the happiness in my soul.”

Bringing a new baby home can be hard for parents, as they now have two little ones demanding attention and sometimes feeling jealous of each other. Cardi B nailed it, though, when she said it’s hard but it’s also so fulfilling at the same time. Her husband, Offset, is also involved when it comes to helping with the kids, according to Cardi B. In fact, she said sometimes she tells him she’s “got it.”

Cardi B described Offset as “hands on,” in the interview, saying, “He is definitely hands on. Sometimes he just gets too hands on. I be like, ‘Listen, I got it. I know what I’m doing, too. This ain’t my first rodeo anymore.’”

Cardi B shares daughter Kulture Kiari, 3, and a 2-month-old son (whose name is not publicly known) with Offset, who also has Jordan, 11, Kody, 6, and Kalea, 6, from previous relationships.

Earlier this week, Cardi B tweeted about her love of filling out school documents, which makes her “feel soo motherly.” It was such a sweet post that showed how she is embracing all parts of motherhood, even the boring parts.

Being a parent maybe a lot, but it’s also so worth it! Cardi B, you’ve got this!

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